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Yadea T5 Electric Scooter Launched in Pakistan

Yadea T5 Electric Scooter Launched in Pakistan

In a groundbreaking stride towards sustainable urban mobility, Yadea, a leading electric two-wheeler brand globally, has introduced its electric scooter Yadea T5 in Pakistan. This launch heralds a new era in eco-conscious commuting, promising an exceptional blend of speed, range, and environmental friendliness.

Who exactly is Yadea?

A pioneering force (01585.HK) in the electric vehicle domain, Yadea boasts a diverse product lineup encompassing high-performance electric motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, and kick scooters. Their commitment extends to serving over 70 million users and establishing a vast network of 40,000+ retailers worldwide.

TTFAR Technology

At the core of this innovation lies the TTFAR technology, a comprehensive system elevating the electric scooter experience. The scooter, empowered by a 72V 26Ah Graphene battery, achieves speeds up to 50 km while covering an impressive 105 km range on a single charge. Its efficiency shines through, requiring a mere 2.5 units of electricity.

One of its standout features is Regenerative Braking, which enhances energy efficiency by converting kinetic energy into electric power during deceleration. Additionally, its compact design and load capacity of approximately 75kg ensure practicality and ease of use.

Yadea T5 Electric Scooter Specifications

Basic Parameters

NameYadea T5 Electric Scooter
Vehicle Size1780×670×1095mm
Gear DistanceApprox 340mm
Seat Bucket CapacityApprox 26L
Specified LoadApprox 75kg

Performance Parameters

Battery TechnologyTTFAR graphene 3rd generation battery
Battery TypeGraphene battery
Voltage Capacitor72V 26Ah
Motor TypeTTFAR motor
Motor Power1200W
Peak Torque87N.m
Top SpeedUp to 50km/h
Range105 km range on a single charge

Basic Configuration

Controller12-tube TTFAR energy recovery controller
MeterTTFAR power monitoring instrument
Tire3.00-10TTFAR low rolling resistance tires
Front Shock AbsorberHydraulic front shock absorber
Rear Shock AbsorptionHydraulic rear shock absorber
BrakeFront disc and rear drum
Anti-theftAQ anti-theft

Lighting System

Daytime Running LightsYes
Front Turn SignalYes
Rear Turn SignalYes
License Plate LightYes
Brake LightYes

Yadea T5 Electric Scooter Warranty

Yadea’s commitment to quality is showcased through an 18-month warranty accompanying the scooter, offering consumers peace of mind in their investment. This reflects the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction and confidence in its product.#

Yadea T5 Electric Scooter Pakistan

Yadea T5 Electric Scooter Price in Pakistan

Priced at Rs. 245,000, the Yadea T5 Electric Scooter is not just a first for Pakistan but a pivotal moment in the nation’s journey towards embracing electric vehicles. Yadea’s entry into the Pakistani market signifies a significant stride towards greener and cleaner urban transportation.

In the face of environmental adversity worldwide, Yadea’s electric scooter serves as evidence of electric vehicles’ capacity to alleviate the detrimental effects of traditional combustion-engine vehicles on our Earth. With its advanced technology, impressive range, and affordability, Yadea’s electric scooter is set to revolutionize commuting in Pakistan.

Experience the future of mobility with Yadea’s electric scooter – an eco-friendly, high-performance solution for sustainable urban commuting.

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