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Western Food Options in Pakistan

Western Food Options in Pakistan

The culture of Pakistan may be summed up in a one word: its food. It demonstrates the variety of cultures that may be found within a place. However, in addition to the Pakistani cuisine, there are a lot of western food chain restaurants available for travelers.

Pakistan is home to some of the world’s most well-known and acclaimed restaurants and fast-food chains that can be tried by the locals as well as tourists from all around the globe. Here is an overview of the one-of-a-kind adaptations of delectable Western cuisine that have grown in Pakistan and that tourists would be interested in testing out during their time in the country.


McDonald’s is among the most recognizable fast-food chains in the world, and its popularity is continuously on the rise in Pakistan as well. It continues to garner a lot of attention from locals and tourists and is mostly known for its burgers and fries. All fans of fast food should visit here since it serves everything with local Pakistani flavors from delectable burgers and fries to desserts.

McDonald’s started its restaurants in Pakistan in 1998. They have 72 restaurants in 24 different cities all over the country. You can find them in places like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and more. They have many flavors including spicy and local flavors. The most restaurants are in Lahore, then Karachi, and then in Islamabad-Rawalpindi. It is also one of the most popular western food options in Pakistan.


KFC established its Pakistani headquarters in Karachi in 1997 and now has over 110 restaurants in 32+ cities. As a result of opening locations throughout Pakistan and offering a wide variety of fried chicken, burgers, and delectable sauces in local flavors, it is currently the second-largest fast-food business in the country. Since its inception, KFC has been providing high-quality, delicious meals to customers all over the country.

Burger King:

In Pakistan, Burger King initially set up business in October 2013 and has since quickly expanded throughout the whole country. Since then, it has opened many more in different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Wah Cantt, Peshawar, Quetta, and Hyderabad. They provide a variety of burgers, fries, and salads on their menu in local flavors. Burger King Pakistan’s menu contains everything a fast-food enthusiast might want.


One of Pakistan’s most popular fast-food restaurants is Hardee’s. Due to the enormous popularity, it attained, the company was able to establish branches throughout the whole country. Hardee’s has more than 25 restaurants in the whole country. They are most known for their char-grilled beef burgers, which they serve with mouthwatering curly fries as sides. In Pakistan’s fast-food sector, Hardees is unquestionably building a name for itself. In addition to delicious beef burgers, Hardee’s menu also includes options such as wraps, chicken sandwiches, drinks, and ice cream.


Domino’s is presently one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Pakistan and has several branches around the country. This success has allowed Domino’s to take the country by storm. They have mouthwatering sweets and delectable pizzas on their menu. Popular pizza flavors at Domino’s in Pakistan include Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Hot, Legend BBQ, and BBQ Chicken, which are definitely worth trying.

Pizza Hut:

One of the earliest well-known pizzerias to open in Pakistan was Pizza Hut, which is still well-liked today. Pizza Hut currently offers a very extensive menu in Pakistan, ranging from various flavors and toppings to various varieties of crust. For all of the pizza fans, this chain is undoubtedly a pleasure. Currently, Pizza Hut has 84 branches across the country. One of the most popular Pizza Hut flavors in Pakistan are Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tikka Supreme, and Chicken Fajita.


OPTP or One Potato Two Potato has more than 80 outlets around Pakistan and is well known for its natural-cut fries with distinctive toppings, burgers, donner, fried chicken, etc. It is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing food chains, committed to serving only the highest-quality cuisine with a goal of revolutionizing the country’s food business. If you’re a fan of loaded fries, spicy burgers, and spicy curry-flavored fried chicken, be sure to check out OPTP in Pakistan.

Tehzeeb Bakers:

Tehzeeb Bakers is a bakery that offers a wide variety of items such as cakes, biscuits, pastries, salads, and Pizza. However, their Pizza is particularly renowned for its delicious taste and generous toppings. If you are in any major city of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad, be sure to give Tehzeeb Bakers‘ pizza a try at least once. It is one of the must-try local food, that you should not miss.

Can I get Coffee in Pakistan?

Yes, you can find many cafes in all the major cities of Pakistan where you can buy a variety of coffee types such as Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Americano, Mocha, and more. Some popular cafes in Pakistan include Chaaye Khana, English Tea House, Coffee Planet, Gloria Jean’s, and Sattar Buksh. Additionally, you can also find local tea shops where you can try traditional Pakistani tea (also called Chai) and qahwa

Do international fast-food chains operating in Pakistan sell Halal products?

Yes. Because Pakistan is a Muslim country, international fast-food chains operating in the country offer 100% Halal items on their menu. That’s why Pakistan is a food heaven for Muslim tourists where they can enjoy Halal fast food without any hesitation.

How to tip in Pakistan?

Tipping in Pakistan is not as regulated as it is in Western countries, but it is still a common practice. Pakistanis tend to tip according to their own discretion, and the amount may vary depending on the price of the food ordered. Tips can range from 10 rupees to 1,000 rupees or more. However, it is not necessary to tip if you don’t have the extra money or you are not comfortable with it.

In some restaurants, a fixed service charge may be included in the bill in place of a tip. In this case, it’s up to you whether or not you would like to give an additional tip. However, most locals don’t give extra tips in this scenario. Tipping is not mandatory and should be given according to your generosity. Keep in mind that the service charges are already included in the bill, you don’t have to give extra tip, it’s your choice.

If you want to know more about western food options in Pakistan then ask questions in the comments section. Or, if you want to try all the western food options in Pakistan then plan your trip now. You will definitely love the western food in Pakistan with a local touch.

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