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VPN demand surges in Pakistan

VPN demand surges in Pakistan by 846%

The recent events in Pakistan have had a significant impact on internet freedom in the country. With the social media blockage triggering a surge in VPN usage. This was a response to the arrest of Imran Khan, which led to violent protests and blockades.

The Interior Ministry issued orders to suspend all broadband services and mobile networks across the country on May 9. Resulting in a surge in demand for VPNs. These virtual private networks provide a lifeline for people struggling with social media restrictions. It allowing them to connect and communicate amidst the chaos that usually accompanies such crackdowns.

The demand for VPNs soared when people could not access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social platforms. This was the first time that Pakistan had experienced such a surge in VPN services. With demand increasing by 311% compared to the average daily use over the last 28 days. The following day, there was an even more remarkable increase in demand, with a staggering 846% increase above the average.

Resources, responsible for monitoring VPN demand and usage and fluctuations worldwide, analyzed the data and presented it in monthly reports. People also started searching for alternative methods to access their accounts and these platforms.

Using a VPN empowers you to stay secure while online. It provide a secure connection for your devices when you access the internet. VPN acts as an intermediary between the internet service provider and the internet. It work by routing the connection through a private server.

One significant advantage of using a VPN is that the data is encrypted before transmission. It hide your IP address and protect your identity when online. Only your computer and the VPN have the key to unscramble the encrypted data, known as decryption.

While the process of using a VPN is not complicated. It allows you to share files securely without worrying about content exposition or composition. VPN services protect your identity, password, location, and other personal details from hackers.

People are using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass restrictions. As they seek to maintain internet access despite the attempts by authorities to limit it. VPNs have become tools for countering censorship and have become a lifeline for those struggling with social media blockage. It enable them to connect and express themselves amidst the turmoil that usually escorts such crackdowns.

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