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Update about e-sign Driving License Test in Punjab

Update about e-sign Driving License Test in Punjab

In exciting news for prospective drivers in Punjab, a groundbreaking development is set to transform the journey towards acquiring a driver’s license. Recent amendments to the Motor Vehicles Rules 1969 signal a significant shift, particularly concerning the process of conducting e-sign tests.

Lahore’s traffic police, through a recent social media update, disclosed a pivotal change – the e-sign driving test, a crucial component of the driving test, if you fail the first time, then it will now be scheduled two weeks later. It means now you can reattempt it after two weeks rather than attempting it immediately. It’s a welcome adjustment, offering candidates more time to prepare and ensuring a smoother experience on the road to obtaining a driver’s license.

Remember, while the e-sign driving test evaluates theoretical knowledge, the on-road test remains a make-or-break aspect. Failing the on-road test necessitates a 42-day waiting period before retaking both evaluations. So, buckle up and hone those driving skills to avoid the waiting game!

This shift in the Motor Vehicle Rules signifies a positive stride, showcasing a commitment to enhancing the licensing process for aspiring drivers in Punjab. It underscores a dedication to promoting road safety and ensuring that licensed drivers are not just proficient but also responsible road users.

Online Registration of Driving License in Punjab:

To further ease the process, the traffic police have introduced online registration, a user-friendly service aiming to simplify and streamline licensing procedures. This move aligns with the increasing number of license applications in the region.

Renewing your license has never been more convenient. The online system allows individuals to renew licenses for various durations – one, three, five, and ten years. International driving licenses, on the other hand, maintain a validity period of three years.

Punjab Driving License:

Additionally, the masses can now download both local and international e-licenses seamlessly. The announcement emphasizes that candidates will no longer be required to undergo physical driving tests, streamlining the renewal process.

This recent initiative invites your thoughts! Share your opinions in the comments section below and join the conversation on this game-changing update for driving license seekers in Punjab.

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