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Umrah Packing List: A Comprehensive Guide for Budget Travelers

Umrah Packing List: A Comprehensive Guide for Budget Travelers

Embarking on the sacred journey of Umrah is a spiritual experience that requires meticulous planning and preparation. For budget travelers, especially those hailing from South Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, or India, bringing essential items from home can significantly enhance the experience while saving precious money. The weaker currency of these countries compared to the Saudi Riyal makes purchasing items in Saudi Arabia a costly affair. Here’s a comprehensive Umrah packing list to ensure you are well-prepared for your pilgrimage while staying within your budget.

Umrah Packing List for Men:

Clothing and Accessories:

At least 2 Ehram: Essential for Tawaf and prayers.

Ehram belt: To keep the Ehram secure.

Comfortable Shoes: 2 pairs of good quality sandals or shoes for extensive walking.

Socks: If you prefer wearing them or especially for the winter season.

Shaving Kit: Razors, shaving cream, after-shave lotion, or a trimmer.

Razors: For inner hair removal and personal hygiene.

Deodorant and Perfume: Stay fresh during your journey.

Headscarf or Cape: Protect yourself from heat and sunlight.

Sunglasses: Shield your eyes from harsh sunlight.

Eyesight Glasses: If your eyesight is weak.

Sufficient Clothing: Depending on the weather, pack enough clothes for your entire journey.

Jacket or Shawl: Necessary for colder months like November or December.

Hair Products: Gel or oil for hair styling.

Personal Care and Miscellaneous:

Fragrance-free soap: For bathing during Ehram.

Normal Soap: For everyday use. Also, keep paper soap for public toilets.

Toothpaste, Toothbrush, or Miswak: Oral hygiene essentials.

Shampoo and Conditioner: Hair care products.

Cream or Moisturizer: Keep your skin hydrated.

Sunscreen: If your skin is sensitive to sunlight.

Vaseline: For various purposes like chapped lips or dry skin.

Towel and Hairbrush: Daily essentials for personal hygiene.

Tea Kettle: To boil water for tea or coffee.

Tea Bags, Coffee, Dry Milk, Sugar: If you’re a tea lover, bring your supplies.

Snacks: Keep biscuits, rusk, cakes, and nimko with you for a snack or for a quick breakfast.

Lightweight Plastic Jars and Cups: For storing dry milk, sugar, and beverages.

Food Storage Containers: Keep at least one for extra food storage in the fridge.

Dish Soap, Sponge: For washing utensils.

Cotton buds: If you use them.

Detergent: For washing clothes.

Medicine: Carry necessary medications with a doctor’s prescription. Such as painkillers, stomach tablets, fever, flu and cough tablets, antibiotics, etc.

Face Masks: To protect yourself from diseases.

Tissue Paper, Wet Tissues: Hygiene essentials.

Type G Adaptor, Extension Cord: Electrical accessories for charging devices.

First Aid Kit: Bandages, antiseptic ointment, cotton buds, etc.

Water Bottle: Stay hydrated during your journey.

Umbrella: Be prepared for unexpected weather changes.

Powerbank: For heavy mobile users.

Shoe Polish: If needed.

Stationery: Marker, ballpoint pen, small notebook for notes.

Empty bags: For water bottles, shoes or to keep other stuff.

Locks: To keep your bag secure.

Prayer Mate: To pray outside or on a hot or cold surface.

Thread and Needle: For normal stitching,

Normal button and Tich button: For Abaya or shirts.

Stotch Tap: This can be useful.

Iron: To iron clothes.

Electric Stove: If you want to live in a shared room or apartment with a kitchen facility. You can cook by yourself.

Hanging Scale: Buy one with a battery to check luggage weight for the return flight.

Plastic Bags: To keep shoes or extra stuff.

Umrah Packing List for Ladies:

Clothing and Accessories:

Abayas: Sufficient for Tawaf and the entire Umrah journey.

Comfortable Shoes: 2 pairs of good quality sandals or shoes for extensive walking.

Undergarments: Enough for the entire journey.

Scarf Pins, Safety Pins: Essential for securing hijab.

Inner Caps: For those who wear hijab regularly.

Staller Scarf: For comfort hijab.

Pads: Carry at least one packet.

Makeup: If needed, bring essential makeup products.

Hair Removal Products: Cream or razor for inner cleanliness.

Caesar: For haircutting after Umrah.

Clipper: For personal grooming.

Hair Accessories: Hair clips, ponytails, hairpins, etc.

Personal Care and Miscellaneous:

Similar to the items listed for men. These are common items for all.

For Traveling with Kids:

Pampers: For young children.

Snacks: To keep children happy.

Clothes, Shoes, Caps, Socks: Ensure they are comfortable and weather-appropriate.

Baby Harness: For small children.

Feeder, Dry Milk: For toddlers.

Feeder Warmer: To warm the baby’s milk.

Water Bottle, Sunglasses: Essentials for Kids.

For Sick Persons:

Diabetic Patients: Sugar checker machine, insulin, wipes, etc.

Heart Patients: Blood pressure checker machine.

Breathing Issues: Inhaler or prescribed medication.

Other Diseases: Carry necessary medications with prescriptions.

Note: Put Caesar, razor, and needles in a suitcase, not in hand luggage.


A well-prepared Umrah packing list can make your spiritual journey more comfortable and focused. By bringing essential items from your home country, especially for budget travelers, you can save money and concentrate on the spiritual aspects of Umrah. Remember to pack wisely, considering your personal needs and the specific requirements of your travel companions. May your journey be blessed and spiritually enriching. Safe travels!

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