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UAE Suddenly Stopped Issuing Three-Month Visas to Tourists

UAE Suddenly Stopped Issuing Three-Month Visas to Tourists

Travel enthusiasts planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates must stay updated on the latest visa regulations. Recent updates indicate that the UAE has ceased issuing 90-day visit visas, a significant change confirmed by travel agents. Consequently, the previous option of applying for a three-month visit visa through their permit issuance portal is no longer available.

Currently, visitors have two choices: one-month or two-month entry permits. The immigration authority’s helpline has also verified the unavailability of three-month visas for tourists. Although just a few weeks ago, a three-month entry permit was accessible, this option has been discontinued, as stated by an official spokesperson.

Travel agencies are now limited to applying for visas ranging from 30 to 60 days in duration. Previously, in May of this year, the Emirates reintroduced the 90-day scheme as a leisure visa option, especially for first-degree relatives of UAE residents. However, this option is no longer available for general tourists.

For those wondering about the UAE’s visa fees in 2023, they differ based on the duration of stay. A two-month job exploration visa costs AED 200, while a 90-day visa, no longer available, was priced at AED 300. If a longer stay is required, a 120-day visa, now obsolete, was obtainable for AED 400. Additionally, applicants needed to provide a financial guarantee through a security deposit of AED 1,000.

In conclusion, for those planning a UAE trip, the current options are limited to one or two-month entry permits. Stay informed about these changes to ensure a hassle-free travel experience. For further updates and detailed visa information, always consult official UAE government sources.

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