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Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers

Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers

Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers: A Glimpse into the Viral World of Pakistani Content Creators

Pakistan’s social media landscape has witnessed a remarkable surge in recent years, with TikTok taking the lead as one of the most popular platforms among the youth. This vibrant community of content creators has given rise to numerous stars, each with their unique style and flair. Here, we take a look at the Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers who have captured the hearts of millions with their creativity and charm.

1. Jannat Mirza

With a whopping 23.6 million followers and an average of 1.4 million views per video, Jannat Mirza stands as the queen of Pakistani TikTok. Her engaging content and charismatic persona have made her a household name, earning her a dedicated fanbase both in Pakistan and beyond.

2. Kanwal Aftab

Kanwal Aftab, with her 19 million followers and an average of 1.54 million views, is a force to be reckoned with in the Pakistani TikTok scene. Her infectious energy and entertaining videos have endeared her to a wide audience, making her one of the most beloved creators in the country.

3. Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum, with 17.4 million followers and an average of 678.26k views, is known for her creative content and relatable sketches. Her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level has played a significant role in her rise to fame.

4. Dolly (Fashion)

Dolly, boasting 14.6 million followers and an average of 1.1 million views, is a TikToker known for her diverse content. From comedy sketches to lip-syncing videos, Dolly’s versatility keeps her audience eagerly anticipating her next upload.

5. Mehak Malik Official

Mehak Malik Official, with 12.5 million followers and an average of 1.55 million views, has carved her niche in the TikTok world with her creative and visually appealing videos. Her artistic approach and attention to detail make her content stand out among the crowd.

6. Silntgirl

Silntgirl, with 11.6 million followers and an average of 870.98k views, is recognized for her quirky and humorous videos. Her unique style and comedic timing have garnered her a loyal fanbase, making her one of the rising stars of Pakistani TikTok.

7. Naseer_baloch_006

Naseer_baloch_006, with 11.5 million followers and an average of 416.31k views, is a TikToker known for his entertaining sketches and funny anecdotes. His down-to-earth approach and relatable content have endeared him to viewers of all ages.

8. Areeka

Areeka, boasting 11.3 million followers and an average of 952.41k views, captivates her audience with her engaging personality and entertaining videos. Her creativity knows no bounds, and her content ranges from lip-syncing to comedy, showcasing her versatility as a content creator.

9. Zafar Supari

Zafar Supari, with 11.2 million followers and an average of 96.4k views, is known for his unique style and charismatic presence. Despite a relatively lower view count, his dedicated fanbase appreciates his authentic content and engaging storytelling.

10. Nadeem Mubarak (Naani Wala)

Nadeem Mubarak, with 11.1 million followers and an average of 725.05k views, rounds up our list of top TikTokers in Pakistan. His creative approach to content and ability to keep viewers entertained have earned him a significant following on the platform.

These Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers have not only achieved fame but have also created a deep connection with their audience. Through their creativity, humor, and relatability, they continue to inspire millions of viewers, making them influential figures in the ever-evolving world of social media. As they continue to grow and diversify their content, the future of Pakistani TikTok looks incredibly promising, with these creators leading the way.

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