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Telcos suffer loss due to broadband suspension

Telcos suffer loss due to broadband suspension

The abrupt suspension of mobile broadband services in Pakistan has caused significant financial losses to the telecom sector, government, and individuals. According to reports, the telecom industry has incurred an estimated revenue loss of nearly Rs.820 million. Which is a massive blow to an already struggling industry facing cut-throat competition and declining margins.

Pakistan’s telecom sector has suffered significant financial losses and weakened its position due to the suspension of mobile broadband services. The government has also suffered a revenue loss of Rs. 287 million in tax revenue due to disruptions in the telecom sector’s operations.

Moreover, the suspension has caused widespread hardship and inconvenience to individuals who rely on digital service apps such as InDrive, Careem, and Foodpanda. It has also led to a standstill in digital payments, causing significant daily losses to officials and individuals.

The telecom industry and consumers are not the only ones affected; the government has also faced a substantial financial loss. Any disruption in the telecom sector’s operations can substantially impact the government’s financial conditions. And the suspension of mobile broadband services is no exception.

Many people, including CEO of Jazz Telecom, Aamir Ibrahim, have expressed their concerns about the suspension of mobile broadband services. He stated that shutting down the internet is not a solution to anything. It only creates more problems than it solves. The CEO also noted that the suspension had affected 125 million Pakistanis for almost 24 hours. Even then it’s a critical tool in emergencies and productivity.

The government officials and authorities must take immediate action to resume data services. The service disturbance on all the leading Pakistani mobile networks, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi, has affected individuals’ day-to-day operations and transactions. The loss of revenue to the telecom sector and government highlights the critical role the sector plays in any country’s economy. And calls for urgent measures to prevent future disruptions.

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