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Starlink internet in Pakistan

When is Starlink internet launching in Pakistan?

Starlink, which is operated by SpaceX and owned by Elon Musk, applied for a Long Distance & International (LDI) license on February 24th, 2022 and 14 x Local Loop (LL) licenses on April 29th, 2022 in Pakistan. Starlink applied for the license under Starlink Internet Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. However, Starlink’s request is still under consideration because the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has some concerns about the technical plan of Starlink, especially about its data hosting servers located outside of Pakistan. The IT Ministry also has security concerns related to this satellite internet service.

As a result, the Government of Pakistan is consulting Starlink’s technical plan and business plan with all its major stakeholders such as PTA, SUPARCO, LEAs, and FAB. PTA officials presented all the concerns related to Starlink to the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication. They explained that Starlink technology is still in its initial stages, which creates security concerns. Senator Afnanullah, a member of this committee, expressed that Starlink is a revolutionary internet service that can easily provide internet in remote areas of Pakistan. Therefore, they cannot reject it because of these concerns.

After this discussion, the chairperson of this Committee, Senator Kauda Babar, comprised a sub-committee that will discuss this issue with all the stakeholders and try to resolve this issue. We hope that this committee will reach some conclusions, and Pakistanis will benefit from this fast internet service.

Starlink was launched in 2019 and currently provides satellite internet services in around 48 countries. To this date, Starlink has more than 3,580 satellites in the low earth orbit, and they are planning to extend this number to 42,000. That will able Starlink to provide high-speed internet to the almost entire world. Starlink is also planning to launch its own mobile phone with global mobile services, just like the internet services. There are rumors that Starlink or Tesla mobile will be named Model Pi/P and it will connect with a satellite mobile network.

Who owned Starlink?

SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk, began providing Starlink broadband internet services. Therefore, Elon Musk is the owner of Starlink. In addition to Starlink, Elon Musk also owns Tesla, The Boring Company, and the social network Twitter. He is considered one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

How does Starlink’s internet work?

Starlink has thousands of small satellites in low earth orbit that provide high-speed internet to earth through radio signals. Users get the Starlink hardware set that includes an auto-adjustable antenna, router, and cables. The Starlink antenna connects with the space satellites and provides high-speed internet via the internet router. Users can do the installation of this hardware via a mobile app in minutes and connect all the devices to the router to access high-speed internet.

Is Starlink better than traditional broadband internet?

Yes, Starlink internet is better than traditional broadband internet because it provides high-speed internet with low latency that enhances communication, streaming, and gaming services. It also has the ability to provide internet in all remote areas that remain without internet because of high infrastructure costs.

Is Starlink better than Fiber internet?

No, Fiber internet is still faster and more stable than Starlink internet because of its low latency. Starlink is an exceptional and revolutionary internet service, but Fiber internet is still the winner in speed records. Fiber internet also has the ability to adopt new internet technologies such as 5G in a much faster way.

What is the speed of Starlink broadband internet?

Starlink provides internet speeds from 100 MegaBytes Per Second (Mbps) to 500 MegaBytes Per Second (Mbps). It is much better and faster than the normal internet. Starlink also provides unlimited internet without any contracts. Different weather conditions also do not affect the speed and quality of the internet as people face in Pakistan.

What is the cost of Starlink broadband internet in Pakistan?

Starlink currently charges $110 per month with a one-time hardware cost of $599 in the USA. In Pakistan, we are currently not sure how much they will charge. Charges will be clear when Starlink gets the license in Pakistan. We are hoping that Starlink will charge a reasonable amount in Pakistan which will ultimately increase its user base.

How can Starlink’s internet services benefit Pakistan?

The internet speed in Pakistan is not very good, especially in rural and remote areas. However, Starlink internet in Pakistan can provide fast and reliable internet services, which will greatly benefit the people living in these areas. Starlink can also address the issue of limited internet access in remote parts of Pakistan and provide fast internet throughout the country. This technology can increase IT exports and enable remote working opportunities, especially in the tourist hub of Northern Pakistan. By improving internet connectivity, Starlink can also enhance education and healthcare services in remote areas and provide better communication support during natural disasters such as flooding and earth quacks.

Can Pakistanis pre-book Starlink internet services?

No, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has advised the general public not to pre-book or pre-order Starlink internet services, as Starlink does not currently have a license to provide internet services in Pakistan. Recently, the PTA has intervened with Starlink to stop accepting pre-orders from potential customers without an official license. This action has been taken to regulate the market and ensure that internet services in Pakistan meet regulatory standards.

Are Starlink’s internet services available in big cities in Pakistan?

Many people see moving satellites of Starlink in the sky and ask this question. But in reality, Starlink’s internet services are not available in Pakistan because Starlink still doesn’t have a license in Pakistan. As mentioned above, they applied for a license in Pakistan and their application is under consideration because of some security concerns of the Government of Pakistan.

Will the traditional internet industry collapse after the launch of Starlink in Pakistan?

The answer could be no. Currently, we don’t know the reliability of Starlink’s internet. Furthermore, it is costly and may not be affordable for people in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. Many local internet providers offer high-speed fiber internet at reasonable rates, especially in big cities. Therefore, people will likely prefer to use local fiber internet instead of Starlink. However, in rural and remote areas where internet infrastructure is poor, Starlink broadband internet may be a more attractive option. In conclusion, we can say that the traditional internet industry will be affected by Starlink, but it will not collapse completely. Additionally, 5G internet services will provide tough competition to Starlink as it will be faster and more reliable. Customer service will also play a major role, as the traditional internet industry already has a wide network of customer services and after-sales services, while Starlink will need time to establish similar services in all countries.”

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