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Sponsor Letter Format for Germany

Sponsor Letter Format for Germany

Suppose you don’t have enough financial resources and want to study in Germany with a relative or anyone else’s financial support. Then you can provide a sponsorletter or affidavit of support to the German embassy.

Difference between a sponsorletter and formal obligation:

Keep in mind; this sponsor letter is different from the Formal Obligation (“Verpflichtungserklärung”, declaration of liability) or sponsor letter from a German grantor.

If you want to apply with Formal Obligation (foreign sponsorletter), it is necessary to come from German residents.

Required documents to show with sponsor letter/affidavit of support :

If you want to provide this sponsorletter, you also have to provide your sponsor’s income proof and bank statements. This sponsorletter must be on a letter of the affidavit and must state that your sponsor is ready to pay your expenses during your studies.

If the sponsor is your father/mother, please also provide a copy of their ID-card. If the sponsor is your sibling, please also provide their ID-card and your FRC (Family Registration Certificate) to prove your sponsor’s relationship.

Format of sponsor letter/affidavit of support:

The sponsor letter format for Germany looks like this. Students can change it according to their data.


 I sponsor name, resident permit no: S/O sponsors father name, resident of sponsor address, do hereby solemnly affirm, and declare on the oath as under:-

  1.  That Spouse name CNIC NO: spouse CNIC, S/O SPOUSE FATHER’S NAME, Resident of SPOUSE ADDRESS is my sponsor’s relationship to the spouse, who intends to go to GERMANY for the purpose of the study.
  2. That during his stay in GERMANY, I shall be fully responsible for all types of educational expenses, boarding, and lodging of SPOUSE NAME, during his studies in GERMANY.
  3. That I have a permanent income source to meet the financial requirements of SPOUSE NAME during his stay in GERMANY, and my bank statement is attached herewith.
  4. That the contents of this affidavit are right to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been conceived of suppressed.


Sponsors Signature


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