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Public transport options in Pakistan

Public transport options in Pakistan

One of the most affordable, eco-friendly, and secure modes of transportation in Pakistan is public transportation. Pakistan offers a number of generally safe public transportation networks, including buses, coaches, taxis, and airplanes. Budget visitors may benefit from low prices on buses, rail tickets in economy class, and minivans, while those who prefer more comfortable transportation can choose privately rented cars like Uber or Careem, or short flights between distant locations.


In Pakistan, a number of airlines carry out domestic flights, with Pakistan International Airlines holding a significant position (PIA). However, most airlines do charge for bags, with most fees as little as 5-7 dollars if you are going with your own luggage. PIA flights are reasonably priced and extremely reliable in Pakistan. There are more than 20 domestic airlines in Pakistan, but PIA, Airblue, AirSial, and SereneAir are the most demanding.

Minibusses and Vans

When traveling between smaller villages, the only vehicles available are often minibusses or vans that have been modified into little buses by covering the pick-up bed with a weatherproof cover. The majority of the population uses this mode of transportation; to find out about routes, prices, and timetables, you must go to a bus stop or wave one down.


In Pakistan, there is a substantial rail system that links the major cities of Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad, and several smaller towns. There are various ticket prices and alternatives. You may choose a ticket in the sleeper, business, or economy classes.

Bus Services

In Pakistan, buses link numerous cities and are the most affordable mode of transportation. You may select large companies like Skyways, NATCO, Daewoo, and Bilal Travels for pleasant transportation and purchases your tickets online. Buses might be air-conditioned or not, and some go on highways while others take rural roads and stop at many locations.


However, if you want to take a day excursion to a particular site or be dropped off at a certain location or trailhead, a privately chartered taxi or jeep may be your only choice. Most Pakistanis don’t utilize taxis to travel between cities where bus lines have been established.

Careem and Uber

In Pakistan, using Careem and Uber is a widespread occurrence. You may sometimes be tempted to use these services as a tourist to save time. It is the greatest way to economize on your everyday transportation. You can also pay in advance for a bundle of discounted miles or rides to save money over time.

When traveling in Pakistan, one may choose from a variety of different transportation options. But using the public transportation system in Pakistan may be an excellent method for a visitor to “live like a local” while also saving money during their vacations in the country.

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