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PTA Tax on iPhone 14 Series in Pakistan

PTA Tax on iPhone 14 Series in Pakistan

In recent times, Pakistan has witnessed a remarkable surge in mobile phone imports, with a special focus on high-end smartphones, including the popular iPhone 14 series. This influx presented a unique opportunity for the government to generate revenue and support reform initiatives within the country.

To tackle the escalating import and consumption of mobile devices, the government took a proactive approach and introduced a series of taxation measures. These include Customs Duty, Regulatory Duty, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise Duty. As a result, the cost of mobile phones, including models like the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, and Pro Max, has experienced a significant rise.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has played a crucial role in the implementation of revised tax values for the iPhone 14 series. Specifically targeting the aforementioned models, the new taxation details vary based on the possession of either a Passport or a CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

PTA Tax on iPhone 14 Series (August Updated):

The taxation structure for the iPhone 14 series is as follows:

PTA Tax on iPhone 14:

Tax on Passport (PKR): Rs. 125,751
Tax on CNIC (PKR): Rs. 131,126

PTA Tax on iPhone 14 PLUS:

Tax on Passport (PKR): Rs. 125,751
Tax on CNIC (PKR): Rs. 131,126

PTA Tax on iPhone 14Pro:

Tax on Passport (PKR): Rs. 127,000
Tax on CNIC (PKR): Rs. 145,801

PTA Tax on iPhone 14Pro Max:

Tax on Passport (PKR): Rs. 127,068
Tax on CNIC (PKR): Rs. 152,242

These new taxation measures have had a significant impact on the cost of iPhones in Pakistan, making them more expensive for consumers. As a result, potential buyers now need to carefully consider these added costs before making their purchasing decisions. The price hike might influence consumer preferences, leading them to explore alternative options or reconsider their device choices.

While these taxation measures have been introduced to regulate the market and strike a balance in import inflows, they also serve to generate funds to support various developmental projects and initiatives, thus fostering economic growth in the country.

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As Pakistan’s mobile phone market continues to experience growth and demand, especially for high-end smartphones like the iPhone 14 series, it is likely that further developments and policy adjustments will occur in the future. The government’s focus on technological advancement and revenue generation remains essential to ensure the industry’s sustainability and success.

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