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PTA Received Roughly 14,000 Complaints Against Telecom Companies

PTA Received Roughly 14,000 Complaints Against Telecom Companies

June 2023 witnessed a surge in complaints against Telecom companies, creating a challenging situation for the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The official records indicate a staggering 14,024 complaints against Telecom companies, cellular mobile operators (CMOs), Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL), wireless local loop (WLL), long-distance international operators (LDI), and internet service providers (ISPs).

A Telecommunication service provider functions as a data transport mechanism through telephony and data communication services within the networking industry. The data reveals that the majority of complaints were lodged against cellular mobile operators (CMOs), which constitute a significant portion of the telecom subscriber base. By June, a total of 13,359 complaints were registered against CMOs, and remarkably, 99.74% of them were resolved successfully.

Additionally, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) received 133 complaints related to basic telephony, of which 106 complaints were addressed during June, with a commendable resolution rate of 79.7%. Similarly, ISPs faced 512 complaints, with 78.13% of them being effectively dealt with.

PTA’s prowess in handling complaints is not a novelty, as historical data showcases numerous instances of managing issues in the cellular and telecommunication sector. The performance displayed in the data speaks volumes about the efficiency of the telecommunication industry.

Cellular CompanyTotal Received ComplaintsTotal Resolved ComplaintsComplaints Resolution Percentage

It is apparent that PTA’s dedication to addressing consumer grievances is unwavering. The significant percentage of resolved complaints, reaching 98.72%, signifies the telcos’ commitment to customer satisfaction. Subscribers can rest assured that their concerns are being diligently attended to by the industry’s regulatory authority.

In conclusion, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s relentless efforts to resolve over 14,000 complaints in June exemplify their commitment to improving the telecom landscape. By ensuring a high-resolution rate, PTA plays a vital role in maintaining customer trust and satisfaction within the ever-evolving telecommunication industry.

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