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Prime Minister's Laptop Scheme relaunched - 2023

Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2023 relaunched

In an effort to empower the youth and foster national development. The Government of Pakistan re-launched the Prime Minister’s Youth Program. Among its various initiatives, the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme has emerged as a transformative endeavor aimed at enhancing research capabilities, promoting quality education, and improving access to information technology for talented students across the nation.

With a vision to revolutionize the education and research culture in the country. The scheme seeks to provide laptops to students at the outset of their academic journey. By equipping students with these essential tools, the scheme not only empowers them. But also makes a synergy with suitable enterprises, helping higher education institutions of Pakistan to correspond to international benchmarks.

The objectives and benefits of the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme are significant. Firstly, it aims to empower students by providing them with laptops for their academic and research activities. However, the scheme goes beyond the provision of laptops. It offers a comprehensive ecosystem that includes access to training opportunities, licensed software, 3G EVO devices, certification vouchers as well as permission to online courses from well-known universities and the national digital library.

This holistic approach not only enhances the educational experience of students but also bridges the gap between academia and industry. By aligning the education system with the demands of the job market. The scheme equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan plays a crucial role in the procurement and distribution of laptops under the scheme. Interested students can conveniently apply online through the Students’ Service Portal, streamlining the application process. In case of any issues or concerns, a dedicated email address is available for students to register their complaints.

The selection procedure begins with an online application submitted by eligible students. The information provided is then verified by the relevant focal person at the student’s university, ensuring the accuracy of the data. In case of any discrepancies, the necessary updates are made by obtaining information from the university or the students themselves.

Once the validation process is finished, each university gets its allotted percentage of laptops based on predefined benchmarks. The distribution criteria for the award of laptops include provincial distribution based on enrollment share, full coverage for enrolled PhD, MPhil, MS, or equivalent program students, quotas for specific categories, and allocation for bachelor’s and master’s program students.

The laptop distribution merit lists are developed based on the academic performance of eligible students. These lists can be viewed by the public on the HEC website, allowing transparency in the distribution process. Additionally, students can check their individual status through a designated online portal.

For colleges working under the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and Government Technical Colleges (GCTs) across Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K), laptops are awarded based on merit. The latest educational performance in all examinations organized by the appropriate board decides how to create the merit list. The distribution is proportionate to the number of applicants rather than overall enrollment.

The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to investing in the youth. And, recognizing their potential as a driving force for the country’s prosperous future. By bridging the digital divide and promoting a technologically enabled academic environment. The scheme paves the way for a new era of education in Pakistan.

As the scheme continues to empower students with access to technology, licensed software, training opportunities, and other valuable resources. It not only transforms individual lives but also contributes to the overall advancement of the nation. By nurturing a technologically proficient workforce, Pakistan is well-positioned to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, fostering innovation, economic growth, and social progress.

How to apply online for Pakistan PM Laptop Scheme 2023?

The registration schedule for the highly anticipated Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2023 has been announced, bringing exciting opportunities for students across Pakistan. Under the esteemed Prime Minister Youth Program, the Government of Pakistan aims to distribute 100,000 laptops among deserving students in 2023.

Shaza Fatima Khawaja, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, made the official announcement, emphasizing the scheme’s role in supporting students’ online education and opening doors to global work opportunities.

Eligible Universities for the PM Laptop Scheme

The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme is open to students studying in public sector universities, degree-awarding institutes, and sub-campuses recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). A comprehensive list of eligible universities is attached here for students’ convenience.

Eligibility Criteria for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023

To be considered for the scheme, students must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Possess a valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or B-Form number.
  2. Be enrolled as a student until the closing date for application submission, which is December 31, 2022.
  3. The program duration for enrollment varies based on the degree pursued:
  • PhD: 5 years (Admission between December 31, 2017, and December 31, 2022)
  • MS/MPhil or Equivalent: 2 years (Admission between December 31, 2020, and December 31, 2022)
  • MBA: 3.5 years, 2.5 years, and 1.5 years (Admission between June 30, 2019, and December 31, 2022)
  • Masters (16 years): 2 years (Admission between December 31, 2020, and December 31, 2022)
  • Undergraduate: 5 years and 4 years (Admission between December 31, 2017, and December 31, 2022)


Please note that students enrolled in public sector universities, duly recognized by HEC, are eligible for the scheme. However, distance learning programs and students enrolled in private sector higher education institutes, government degree and postgraduate colleges, and affiliated colleges are ineligible. Furthermore, those who have previously received a laptop under any Federal or Provincial Government scheme, foreign nationals (except AJK students), and any other students not meeting the specified criteria will not be considered.

In the event that a student has not completed the online application process or their application has not been received via the online portal, their eligibility for the laptop award will be assessed during the distribution phase. Should a student fail to provide the necessary documents and evidence of academic performance that originally qualified them for the laptop, they will not be granted the laptop. Furthermore, any student who has already completed their degree program before the laptop distribution will not be considered for the scheme.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

The laptop distribution process operates on a meticulous selection and merit-based system. Here’s how the process unfolds:

  1. Online Application Submission: Interested students must submit their applications online through the HEC PMYP Service Portal before the deadline. The system will filter eligible and ineligible students accordingly.
  2. Verification Process: The Focal Person of the student’s relevant department plays a vital role in the verification process. They will verify the student’s data, including name, CNIC, department, degree level, and last exam percentage/CGPA, through their online focal person account. The University Focal Person takes full responsibility for the verification process.
  3. Amendment of Discrepancies: Any discrepancies found in the student’s data will be amended by updating and editing the information. This can be done by obtaining student records from the institute or through direct communication with the students themselves. The verification timeline allows the focal person to disapprove or verify the student or make necessary corrections.
  4. Generation of Merit Lists: Once the verification process concludes. Each university will receive its allocated share of laptops based on predefined quotas and criteria. The HEC will run an automated process to generate merit lists for each university.
  5. Cross-Checking and Final Merit List: HEC will share the provisional merit lists with the institutes for cross-checking. After removing any discrepancies, institutes will respond within 15 days. The final merit list will be prepared and shared by HEC based on the verified data.
  6. Merit List Display: Every institute is responsible for displaying the final merit list on its notice board, website, or social media platforms, along with a distribution timeline. Additionally, the final merit lists will be published on an online portal accessible to both students and the general public.

Laptop Distribution Criteria

The distribution of laptops follows the following criteria:

  • Merit-Based: Laptops will be distributed purely on a merit basis within each degree program (Ph.D., MS/MPhil, and 16 years of education).
  • Quota Allocation: Each institute will receive a share of laptops based on predefined quotas. Such as university quota, campus quota, degree program quota, department quota, and year-wise distribution.
  • Balochistan Quota: As per the directives from the PM’s office. 14% (14,000 laptops) of the total laptops will be distributed among Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in Balochistan. This allocation is specifically designated for students from accredited universities in Balochistan.
  • Remaining Distribution: Based on the enrollment preferences of public sector Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) nationwide. The allocation of the remaining 86,000 laptops will be distributed.

The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2023 is a golden opportunity for students to harness the power of technology and advance their educational journey. By providing laptops, the scheme paves the way for a brighter future, enabling students to excel in their academic pursuits and explore global opportunities. Apply online before the June 20, 2023 deadline, and embark on a transformative educational experience that can shape your path to success.

PM Laptop Scheme Feedback or Complaints:

If students have any feedback or complaints regarding the program or their eligibility. They have the option to register their grievances with the designated Grievance Redressal Committees (GRCs) or get in touch with the University Super Focal persons.

For any additional information or inquiries, students can reach out to HEC via email at pmyls@hec.gov.pk. Alternatively, they can lodge their complaints online through the designated complaint portal. If further assistance is required, students can contact the following phone numbers: 051-111-119-432 or 0334 111 9432.

The Higher Education Commission, located at the Sector H9 Building in Islamabad, Pakistan, serves as the official address for any communication related to the program.


What is the registration date for Pakistan PM Laptop Scheme 2023?

To be eligible for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023, you must apply online before the deadline of June 20, 2023. Make sure to submit your application within the specified timeframe to be considered for the scheme.

How can I check the status of my PM Laptop Scheme application?

Once you have registered, simply visit the website https://laptop.pmyp.gov.pk/student_details.php to view the current status of your application.

How can I find the focal person for the PM Laptop Scheme at my university?

To find the name and contact information of your respective university focal person for the PM Laptop Scheme, please visit https://laptop.pmyp.gov.pk/focalperson.php. You will easily locate the relevant focal person for any assistance or queries related to the scheme.

Why is it important to check the status of my application?

Checking the status of your application allows you to stay updated on the progress of your PM Laptop Scheme application. It helps you track any updates, approvals, or possible requirements for further processing. Regularly checking the status ensures that you don’t miss out on any important information or opportunities.

Can I contact the focal person for any concerns or questions regarding the PM Laptop Scheme?

Absolutely! The focal person at your university is there to assist you. You can reach out to them for any concerns, questions, or clarifications related to the PM Laptop Scheme. They will provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Are there any other ways to stay informed about the PM Laptop Scheme?

Apart from checking the application status and contacting the focal person, you can also stay informed about the PM Laptop Scheme through official announcements, notifications, and updates posted on the scheme’s website and other relevant platforms. It’s important to keep yourself updated to make the most of this beneficial program.

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