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Pakistan's digital census portal received 4M entries in weeks

Pakistan’s digital census portal received 4M entries in weeks

Pakistan’s first self-enumeration census portal received a very good response from the general public right after its launch. In just a few weeks, more than 4 million people visited Pakistan’s digital census portal and did their entries.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) developed this digital census portal for the first time and launched it on 20th February 2023 as a part of the country’s 7th census. This self-enumeration census portal will remain live till 3rd March 2023. Meanwhile, PBS also started the field enumeration on 1st March 2023.

PBS’s spokesperson Mr. Sarwar Gondal said that it’s the first digital census in Pakistan and people are making it successful with their active participation. He also said that some issues are reported about the system which we have already communicated with NADRA and they will take care of it. He also emphasized that everyone must participate in this census whether through an online portal or through field enumeration.

Importance of census:

If you don’t know what census is and why it’s important for a country then we explain it for your better understanding. A census or Mardam Shumari in Urdu is an important mechanism or tool for a country to collect exact information about its population. This data about the population, also help in the collection of demographic, social, and economic data.

It ultimately helps the government to plan and make policies, allocate resources, ensure fair electoral representation, assist businesses and industries in making informed decisions, and aid researchers and analysts in understanding social and economic trends. Overall, the census plays a crucial role in shaping a country’s future and ensuring the well-being of its citizens. So, it is the responsibility of all citizens to actively participate in this process.

What are self-enumeration and field enumeration?

Self-enumeration is a method in which individuals can fill out an online questionnaire electronically with their mobile, tablet, or computer. Field enumeration is a process in which a field interviewer visits the houses and individually collects the population data.

How can an individual participate in self-enumeration?

  • Connect your mobile, tablet, or computer to the internet.
  • Visit Pakistan’s digital census portal via this link: https://self.pbs.gov.pk
  • Sign up with your mobile number
  • Complete census questionnaire
  • Review and confirm your information
  • You will receive a UTN on your registered mobile number
  • Later field workers will cross-check it during house visits.
  • That’s it.

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