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Pakistani Engineer Sarah Qureshi Creates Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine

Pakistani Engineer Sarah Qureshi Creates Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine

Pakistan takes great pride in the extraordinary accomplishments of its talented individuals. In a groundbreaking development slated for the latter part of 2020, the world’s first contrail-free aircraft engine will be unveiled. This remarkable feat can be attributed to the ingenious efforts of Sarah Qureshi, a young aerospace engineer from Pakistan. Serving as the CEO of Aero Engine Craft, which she co-founded with her father, Sarah has become a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship.

Aero Engine Craft stands at the forefront of private aviation companies, dedicated to the advancement of eco-friendly aircraft engines and cutting-edge technologies. Sarah’s father, Masood Latif Qureshi, a renowned scientist in Pakistan, has long been celebrated for his numerous achievements. With an illustrious background in the aviation industry, his expertise has been invaluable in driving the success of their endeavors.

Sarah’s fascination with engines and machinery blossomed as she assisted her father at work. During her internship in the automotive sector, her passion ignited, and she found inspiration in the pursuit of environmentally conscious engine technology. In 2018, she embarked on a project aimed at combating global warming, focusing specifically on the contrail phenomenon—an observable white trail of smoke emitted by jet engines during flight. Sarah highlighted the detrimental effects of contrails on the atmosphere, igniting her determination to make a difference.

With a solid foundation in mechanical engineering from Pakistan’s esteemed National University of Science and Technology, Sarah sought to expand her knowledge and skills. She obtained her private pilot license and pursued a master’s degree in aerospace dynamics. Fueling her enthusiasm, Sarah continued her educational journey and successfully completed her Ph.D. in aerospace propulsion at a renowned public university in Cranfield, England. Additionally, she honed her expertise in acrobatic flying, constantly striving to learn and embrace emerging technologies.

Harnessing her passion for the environment, Sarah directed her research at Cranfield University UK towards the ultimate goal of a pollution-free jet engine. Driven by her desire to create a sustainable aviation industry, her primary focus centers on developing a contrail-free aircraft engine. By reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the negative environmental impact caused by greenhouse gas emissions during flight, Sarah aims to establish a clean and green environment.

Sarah’s unwavering dedication paves the way for a sustainable aviation industry, as she takes significant strides towards her mission. Her groundbreaking Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine design will eliminate the detrimental effects of commercial air carriers on the stratosphere, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

Environmentalists worldwide have long been advocating for initiatives to curb carbon emissions. The intensifying climate change debate draws attention to the harmful consequences of these emissions. Rising global temperatures, retreating glaciers, warming oceans, diminishing ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, declining Arctic sea life, and acidifying oceans are all alarming indicators linked to skyrocketing carbon dioxide levels. To achieve a clean and green environment, it is essential to address these factors collectively.

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