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ONIC Sim Price and Packages

ONIC Sim Pakistan Price and Packages

In the bustling world of connectivity, the ONIC SIM emerges as a game-changer. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) recently clarified that ONIC isn’t a new operator, but an innovative brand extension by Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), the company behind Ufone. This digital venture targets tech-savvy individuals seeking streamlined digital experiences.

Active communication between PTA and PTML emphasizes adherence to regulations and consumer protection, underscoring the commitment to quality service. ONIC’s uniqueness lies in its dedication to a seamless transition from conventional services, catering to high-end users yearning for swift digital engagement.

ONIC Sim Code:

Curious about ONIC’s network? It’s an open secret – ONIC seamlessly harnesses the expansive Ufone network, ensuring widespread coverage and reliable connectivity. Every ONIC SIM card, recognizable by its distinct 0339 prefix, is synonymous with quality and accessibility.

ONIC Simcard Price:

Price considerations? While the official price is yet to be announced, rumors suggest initial availability either for free or at an affordable range of Rs. 100 to Rs. 150. A value proposition that’s hard to resist!

ONIC Sim Packages:

What’s even more alluring are the packages ONIC offers. With a diverse array including calls, SMS, and internet options, ONIC is poised to take the market by storm with its cost-effective packages, rivalling the competition. The initial SIMs on offer come with attractive internet plans, promising remarkable value for money.

ONIC Simcard Trail Package:

The trial package of ONIC Simcard is offering 30 GB of data, 500 minutes (on all networks), and 1,000 SMS for 30 days for just Rs.123.

ONIC 10 GB Package:

In just Rs. 50 you can get a 10 GB package of ONIC Sim including 100 minutes on any network and 30 SMS.

ONIC 5 GB Package:

For Rs. 30 you can get a 5 GB package of ONIC Sim including 50 minutes on any network and 20 SMS.

How to Get ONIC Simcard?

Getting your hands on an ONIC SIM is easier than you might think. Currently, the only way is through online purchases. Visit ONIC’s official website, www.onic.pk, peruse your preferred package, and submit your information. Choosing the delivery method and payment mode finalizes the process.

After the successful transaction, the SIM awaits your collection. Once in hand, head to an authorized ONIC retailer for activation, selecting an appropriate package and providing valid identification. Your mobile will be graced with affordable packages in no time.

In a world driven by digital evolution, ONIC SIM emerges as a beacon of connectivity, promising convenience and cost-effectiveness. Embrace the future with ONIC by Ufone – your gateway to a digital realm.

When is ONIC launching in Pakistan?

ONIC is set to launch on the 14th of August 2023.

Who owns the ONIC network?

ONIC is not a new network according to PTA. It is an extension brand of Ufone, owned by Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML).

Why is ONIC using the Ufone network?

ONIC is utilizing the Ufone network because it is being introduced as a brand extension of Ufone.

Does ONIC offer eSIM?

Currently, ONIC is offering physical SIM cards under trial packages. However, after its official launch on the 14th of August, it may also offer eSIMs, as it is a digital telco.

Does ONIC have a mobile app?

Certainly, you can download the ONIC mobile app from the Google Play Store.

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