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OnePlus new concept phone with cooling liquid

OnePlus new concept phone with cooling liquid

Recently at Barcelona Mobile World Conference 2023, OnePlus presented a new Gaming concept phone with glowing cooling liquid. This glowing cooling liquid is present at the back of the phone and is used to cool the phone during playing games.

OnePlus has used a unique Active CryoFlux mechanism in this concept phone. This Active CryoFlux has two micro pumps connected with pipes. These micro pumps circulate the cooling liquid into the pipes and reduce the heat of the phone. This system cools the phone during playing games and during charging the phone. It can also reduce the charging time of a mobile.

The Active CryoFlux mechanism is lightweight and not increasing the overall weight of the phone. This blue cooling liquid makes a transparent ring around the camera and transparent lines at the rear of the phone. It looks extremely elegant with a combination of black and gray.

This concept can turn a gaming PC into a Smartphone that can be used for the ultimate gaming experience. Game lovers always find ways to cool down their phone during game playing and this phone can be the first choice of these gaming lovers.

Currently, it’s not clear when OnePlus’s new concept phone with cooling liquid will arrive in the market but it already created a buzz in the market of gaming phones. If we talk about the look and design of this OnePlus new concept phone then both its look and design are very elegant. The phone has transparent back glass that makes cooling liquid visible from the outside.

Previously, OnePlus also presented some other unique distinctive features in their concept phones such as color switching back. But OnePlus didn’t launch those unique phones in the market. So, people are still not sure whether OnePlus will launch this gaming phone in the market or not. If they will launch it then it will be a good addition to the flagship phone market.

OnePlus new concept phone

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