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Nokia 1100 Price in Pakistan

Nokia 1100 Price in Pakistan

Once a trailblazer in mobile technology, the Nokia 1100 stood as a beacon of connectivity. With its compact structure and a 96 x 65 pixels monochrome display, this Nokia gem presented images with pristine clarity.

Craft your personalized tunes effortlessly with the composer feature that adorned this iconic Nokia handset. And in dire moments, the robust built-in white flashlight came as a savior.

Texting became a breeze, all thanks to the smart T9 predictive text functionality integrated into this Nokia masterpiece.

This model of Nokia was a companion for lengthy conversations, offering up to 4 hrs 30 min of chatter time. Meanwhile, its Li-Ion 850 mAh battery ensured a staggering 400 hours of standby duration.

Brandished with identifiers like MPN0079861 and UPC0758478007273, the Nokia 1100 graced the stage with its awesome network connectivity, 2 GB storage, and classic black color.

Dimensions of 4.17 inches in height, 1.81 inches in width, and a mere 0.79 inches in depth defined its compact yet efficient design.

However, nostalgia might linger, but Nokia ceased the production of the Nokia 1100 in 2009. This decision rendered it unavailable for purchase as a brand-new device, not only in Pakistan but globally.

Despite its discontinuation, the Nokia 1100 remains a cherished relic in the annals of mobile history. Its legacy persists, symbolizing an era where simplicity reigned supreme in mobile communication.

For those seeking this relic of a bygone era, this model of Nokia stands as a testament to timeless innovation and endurance, resonating with a timeless charm that refuses to fade away.

Is the Nokia 1100 feature phone still manufactured by Nokia?

No, the Nokia 1100 was announced on August 27, 2003, and production ceased in September 2009. As a result, it is no longer available as a brand-new device in Pakistan or any other country.

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