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METRO T9 Electric Scooter launched in Pakistan

METRO T9 Electric Scooter launched in Pakistan

Pak Star Automobile (Pvt.) Ltd. introduced its first electric scooter in Pakistan named METRO T9. This company is already famous for its existing brand ‘Tez Raftar’ Company is currently making motorbikes and auto rickshaws under the brand name Tez Raftar. You can find Tez Raftar auto-rickshaws on almost all streets and roads of Pakistan because of their durability and parts availability. This company also makes high-quality spare parts for the automobile industry.

With the existing market of motorbikes and auto rickshaws now Pak Star Automobile also entered in E-Vehicles. E-Bikes already exist in the market but E-Scooters are the first time introduced by any local Pakistani manufacturer. It is a good addition to the Pakistani bike industry. This bike can provide an affordable travel option to the young generation, especially girls. It is also an environmentally friendly transport and good for the cities like Lahore which is already badly affected by the pollution.

After the successful launch of the METRO T9 electric scooter, Pak Star Automobile also planning to introduce more E-Scooter variants in the future. These new E-Scooter variants are named METRO M6, METRO E8S PRO, METRO LY, and METRO KS3 LITE. Each variant will come with different specifications. Now let’s deep dive into the specifications of the currently launched METRO T9 electric scooter.

Specifications of METRO T9 Electric Scooter:

According to the Pak Star Automobile, the METRO T9 electric scooter came with 600 watts of electric motor, 60 volts, and 38-ampere hours of Graphene battery. METRO T9 electric scooter’s battery can charge in 4-5 hours and it can travel to approximately 105 kilometers with a single charge. This 105 kilometers of travel will consume 2.5 units of electricity.

The battery has approximately 3-4 years of lifespan and it can save around 2,000 liters of petrol before the replacement of the battery. If we talk this in money then it can save 544,000 rupees worth of petrol during batteries lifespan. The Graphene-based batteries used in this scooter have 1000 charging cycles, are lost cost and are non-flammable.

If we talk about colors then METRO T9 electric scooters will be available in multiple bright and vibrant colors. The company claims that the color of this scooter will be long-lasting and will look brand new even after use for three years. This electric scooter will also come with tubeless tires and alloy rims.

The summary of specifications of the METRO T9 electric scooter is as follows:

  • 600-watt powerful motor
  • 60-volt and 38-ampere hours of Graphene battery
  • 105 kilometers of range per single charge
  • A single charge consumes 2.5 units of electricity
  • Approximately 1,000 battery charging cycles
  • 4-5 hours of battery charging time
  • High strength and durable steel frame
  • Variants available in multiple bright and vibrant colors
  • Tubeless tires with alloy rim
  • Save 2,000 liters of petrol before replacements of battery
  • 18 months warranty
METRO T9 Electric Scooter launched in Pakistan
METRO T9 Electric Scooter launched in Pakistan

Price of METRO T9 E-Scooter in Pakistan:

The launching price of the METRO T9 Electric Scooter in Pakistan is 245,000 rupees. This price is not final and can be increased due to the increased price of the dollar. If we compare the price with the specifications then we can say that it can be more reasonable because of the buying power of an average Pakistani. If they offer this e-scooter at the price of a 125 cc bike then it can change the Pakistani market.

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