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Lost and Found During Umrah: A Guide for Parents

Lost and Found During Umrah: A Guide for Parents

The holy sites of Makkah and Madina draw millions of pilgrims every year, including families embarking on the sacred journey of Umrah. While these experiences are spiritually enriching, it is crucial for parents to prioritize the safety of their children in crowded environments such as Masjid e Nabawi. In the unfortunate event of a lost child, knowing the proper steps to take can make a significant difference. This article provides essential guidance on what to do if a child gets lost, along with proactive measures to prevent such incidents

Lost and Found During Umrah:

What to do if you lose your child:

  1. Stay Calm:
    The first and most crucial step is to remain calm. Panicking can hinder your ability to think clearly and take the necessary actions.
  2. Utilize CCTV Coverage:
    Recognize that the entire area of Masjid e Nabawi, both inside and outside, is equipped with CCTV cameras. This provides an added layer of security and aids in the process of locating lost children.
  3. Head to Gate Number 35:
    Proceed immediately to gate number 35, where a dedicated department named ‘The Center of Lost Children’ is established to assist in such situations.
  4. File a Complaint:
    At the center, file a complaint providing essential details such as a recent photo of the child, a description of their clothing, and accurate contact information.
  5. Wait Patiently:
    The center will promptly broadcast a message via radio to initiate the search. It is crucial to wait patiently as trained personnel, including the police and military in Madina, work to locate the lost child.
  6. Reunion Process:
    Once your child is found, the lost and found department will contact you, facilitating a smooth reunion with your child.

Preventive Measures:

  1. Children’s Anti-Lost Straps:
    Consider purchasing anti-lost straps designed for children. These straps provide an additional layer of security by keeping your child close to you during the Umrah journey in both Makkah and Madina.
  2. Apple or Android Tags:
    Invest in Apple or Android tags and attach them to your child’s clothes or place them in their pocket. These tags facilitate easy tracking in case of separation.
  3. Free Personalized Wrist Straps:
    Avail the free service provided by the Center for Lost Children, where you can obtain a personalized wrist strap with your contact details. This strap serves as a helpful tool for anyone who finds your lost child to contact you promptly.

Conclusion about Lost and Found During Umrah:

Ensuring the safety of children in crowded religious sites is a shared responsibility. By staying informed about the procedures to follow when a child is lost and taking proactive measures, parents can enhance their children’s safety during the sacred journey of Umrah in Masjid e Nabawi. Remember, a calm and prepared approach is key to reuniting with your child swiftly in such situations.

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