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LMKT and INSEAD Launch XSeed Incubation Program to Empower Entrepreneurs

LMKT and INSEAD Launch XSeed Incubation Program to Empower Entrepreneurs

LMKT, a respected tech company in Pakistan, partners with INSEAD, a globally renowned business school. Together, they unveil XSeed Incubation Program at NIC Karachi, Pakistan’s most prominent tech incubator. The aim is to empower emerging entrepreneurs and guide them toward prosperous businesses.

XSeed Incubation Program spans a year, nurturing early-stage ventures and fledgling startups. Leveraging global models, the program employs frameworks by INSEAD’s experts. Industry insights tailor support for Pakistani entrepreneurs amidst evolving business terrain.

NIC Karachi, powered by Ignite and operated by LMKT, guides innovative entrepreneurs via mentorship, training, and funding. NIC’s track record: 299 startups nurtured, 99,000 jobs, Rs. 8.1 Billion investment, shaping Pakistan’s entrepreneurial scene.

LMKT’s CEO, Atif R. Khan, excitedly notes, “Our collaboration with INSEAD for XSeed Incubation Program underscores commitment to Pakistan’s startup ecosystem. By merging IT prowess with INSEAD’s insights, we offer transformative platform for innovative ideas. This empowers Pakistani startups, fostering innovation and economic growth.”

Dr. Chiara Spina, INSEAD’s Assistant Professor, emphasizes their commitment to change through entrepreneurship. Combining expertise and NIC Karachi’s ecosystem uplifts Pakistani entrepreneurs, revolutionizing the startup landscape.

Faizan Laghari, Project Director at NIC Karachi, highlights the pivotal partnership’s role in empowering entrepreneurs and fostering innovation within Pakistan. INSEAD researchers’ expertise ensures XSeed Incubation Program empowers startups, making a lasting impact.

Sana Shah, Program Manager at NIC Karachi, echoes the excitement, promising fresh growth avenues and support for aspiring entrepreneurs. Commitment to creating an enabling ecosystem for success remains unwavering.

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