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Latest PTA Tax on All iPhone Models in Pakistan

Latest PTA Tax on All iPhone Models in Pakistan

Being well-informed about the latest PTA tax on all iPhone models holds significant importance for iPhone users, particularly overseas Pakistanis planning to bring their iPhones to Pakistan. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) levies taxes on imported mobile devices, including iPhones. This article aims to provide an overview of the PTA tax, elucidate its rationale, and explore its implications for consumers. Additionally, we will include a PTA tax table, along with essential details and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

PTA Tax on all iPhone models:

The PTA tax is a tax levied by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on imported mobile devices, such as iPhones. It is designed to regulate the import and sale of smartphones in Pakistan. The tax is calculated based on the value of the device and is incorporated into the final price paid by the consumer.

Please refer to the table below for the latest PTA tax rates on different iPhone models according to passport and CNIC.

PTA Tax calculator for all iPhone models with Passport, July 2023:

Apple iPhone ModelsTax Based on Passport (PKR)
iPhone 1194,280
iPhone 11 Pro120,680
iPhone 11 Pro Max124,360
iPhone 12113,665
iPhone 12 mini101,525
iPhone 12 Pro129,823
iPhone 12 Pro Max134,825
iPhone 13118,380
iPhone 13 mini113,665
iPhone 13 Pro133,158
iPhone 13 Pro Max137,873
iPhone 14125,751
iPhone 14 Plus125,751
iPhone 14 Pro127,000
iPhone 14 Pro Max127,068

PTA Tax calculator for all iPhone models with CNIC, July 2023:

Apple iPhone ModelsTax Based on CNIC (PKR)
iPhone 11116,358
iPhone 11 Pro145,398
iPhone 11 Pro Max149,446
iPhone 12137,682
iPhone 12 mini124,328
iPhone 12 Pro155,455
iPhone 12 Pro Max160,958
iPhone 13142,868
iPhone 13 mini137,682
iPhone 13 Pro159,124
iPhone 13 Pro Max132,527
iPhone 14131,126
iPhone 14 Plus131,126
iPhone 14 Pro145,801
iPhone 14 Pro Max152,242

How does PTA Tax affect iPhone consumers in Pakistan?

The PTA tax imposes significant consequences on iPhone users in Pakistan, elevating the price of iPhones and creating a financial burden for those aspiring to own one. Additionally, the tax impacts businesses engaged in the import and sale of iPhones, while also potentially hindering the country’s economic growth due to reduced purchasing power of consumers.

The PTA tax carries substantial implications for iPhone consumers in Pakistan, amplifying the cost of iPhones and rendering them more expensive than their counterparts in other countries. Consequently, this places a financial strain on consumers who aspire to possess an iPhone, while also impacting businesses involved in iPhone import and sales. Moreover, the diminished purchasing power of consumers could potentially hinder the overall economic growth of the nation.

How can I check the PTA tax on my iPhone?

To check the PTA tax on your phone in Pakistan, visit the PTA website and enter your phone’s IMEI number. The website shows details on whether your phone is registered or not. If it is registered, it will also display the amount of PTA tax you are required to pay.

What is the maximum number of iPhones I can register with PTA in a year?

As per the custom baggage rule, you can register only one iPhone with PTA in a year. This rule is applied on all non-PTA mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

If I don’t pay the PTA tax, how many days after reaching Pakistan will my iPhone be blocked?

Your iPhone will be blocked within 60 days after arriving in Pakistan if you fail to pay the PTA tax. So, pay PTA tax on time if you continuously want to use an iPhone in Pakistan.

Can Pakistani residents in Pakistan register their iPhones using their Passports?

No, only overseas Pakistanis have the option to register their iPhones using their Passport. You need a valid visa on your passport in order to get discounted PTA tax rates.

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To summarize, whether you currently possess an unregistered iPhone, plan to purchase one, or intend to bring your iPhone to Pakistan as an overseas Pakistani, it is vital to remain informed about the latest PTA tax on iPhone models. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with valuable insights into the PTA tax and its implications. Stay informed to ensure adherence to regulations and prevent any avoidable penalties.

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