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Latest Prices of Suzuki Cars in Pakistan

Latest Prices of Suzuki Cars in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL) stands as a cornerstone in the Pakistani automobile industry, continuing its legacy as the largest car assembler in the country. Established in September 1982 as a joint venture between the Government of Pakistan and Suzuki Motor Japan, this collaboration solidified the production of Suzuki vehicles in the region. Over the years, Suzuki has fortified its position, now owning 73.09% of the company’s stock and maintaining a stronghold in the Pakistani market.

Suzuki’s Presence in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki has not only dominated the market but has also become synonymous with reliability and affordability. With a staggering market share of over 60% (as of December 2011), Pak Suzuki has held its ground as a formidable force in the automobile industry. This supremacy extends notably to the small car segment, where the company maintains an absolute monopoly, perpetually securing over 50% market share.

Apart from its core business of assembling Suzuki vehicles, Pak Suzuki offers a spectrum of services, including Suzuki Finance and Suzuki Insurance. Moreover, their involvement in the certified used car market underlines their commitment to providing comprehensive automotive solutions.

Suzuki Product Lineup in Pakistan

The diverse lineup of Suzuki vehicles available in Pakistan caters to various preferences and needs of the consumers. The current portfolio consists of the following models:







Latest Prices of Suzuki Cars in Pakistan (2023)

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the latest prices for Suzuki vehicles available in Pakistan:

ModelVariantPrice (PKR)
AltoVXPKR 2,251,000/-
AltoVXRPKR 2,612,000/-
AltoVXR-AGSPKR 2,799,000/-
AltoVXL-AGSPKR 2,935,000/-
WagonRVXRPKR 3,214,000/-
WagonRVXLPKR 3,412,000/-
WagonRVXL-AGSPKR 3,741,000/-
CultusVXRPKR 3,718,000/-
CultusVXLPKR 4,084,000/-
CultusVXL-AGSPKR 4,366,000/-
SwiftGLPKR 4,256,000/-
SwiftGL (CVT)PKR 4,574,000/-
SwiftGLX (CVT)PKR 4,960,000/-
BolanSimplePKR 1,940,000/-
BolanCargo VanPKR 1,944,000/-
RaviSimplePKR 1,856,000/-
Raviw/o DeckPKR 1,781,000/-

(Prices are subject to change and may vary based on location, taxes, and other factors.)

Taxes Additional to Prices Based on Filer and Non-Filter Category

ModelTax for FilerTax for Non-Filer
AltoPKR 10,000/-PKR 30,000/-
WagonRPKR 20,000/-PKR 60,000/-
CultusPKR 20,000/-PKR 60,000/-
SwiftPKR 25,000/-PKR 75,000/-
BolanPKR 10,000/-PKR 30,000/-
RaviPKR 10,000/-PKR 30,000/-

(Price + Tax is equal to the total price of the vehicle)


Suzuki’s presence in Pakistan remains unwavering, providing a diverse range of vehicles that cater to the varying demands of consumers. The latest lineup not only ensures quality and reliability but also emphasizes affordability, contributing to Pak Suzuki’s continued dominance in the market.

As Pak Suzuki continues to evolve and expand its offerings, its commitment to delivering top-notch vehicles and services to the people of Pakistan remains steadfast.

This overview of the latest prices of Suzuki cars in Pakistan serves as a guide for those navigating the dynamic automotive landscape in the country, showcasing the diverse options available and the competitive pricing offered by Pak Suzuki.

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