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How to Sell on Daraz and Earn Money?

How to Sell on Daraz and Earn Money?

Daraz is Pakistan’s premier online shopping platform, attracting millions of customers daily. If you’re looking to start an online business and earn money, Daraz provides an excellent opportunity. Here are some compelling reasons to sell on Daraz:

  1. Reach: Gain access to millions of potential customers on Daraz, making it Pakistan’s most visited shopping destination.
  2. Free Registration: Registering your seller account and listing items for sale is completely free, allowing you to start your business without any upfront costs.
  3. Reliable Shipping: Daraz offers a fast, reliable, and hassle-free delivery service through its logistic network, ensuring a positive shopping experience for your customers.
  4. Timely Payments: You’ll receive your earnings promptly as funds are safely deposited directly into your bank account on a weekly basis.
  5. Marketing Tools: Daraz provides a range of marketing tools and advertising options to help you find new customers and grow your business.
  6. Support & Training: Access free resources like Daraz University to learn about e-commerce and receive assistance from seller support when needed.

How to Sell on Daraz and Earn Money?

Now, let’s dive into the five simple steps to start selling on Daraz:

1. Signup for Free

Begin your journey by signing up for a free seller account on Daraz. You can do this through the Daraz website or mobile app, using your phone number.

2. Add Profile Information

Complete your profile by providing your email address and choosing a store name. These details help identify your business to customers.

3. Add Address Information

Furnish all necessary address details related to your business to facilitate smooth product deliveries.

4. Add ID & Bank Information

Include your identification information, such as your National ID Card for individual sellers or Business Registration Document for corporate sellers. Additionally, provide your bank details for receiving payments from your sales.

5. List Products

Utilize the seller center on Daraz to add your products to your online store. Your products will go through a quality control process, and once approved, they will be live and available for purchase by customers.

6. Earn Money

As your products sell on Daraz, you will start earning money. Daraz will ensure secure and timely payments directly to your bank account.

What Categories Can I Sell on Daraz?

Daraz offers a diverse range of product categories, including fashion, electronics, FMCG, lifestyle, health, and beauty, among others. However, please note that there are items prohibited due to legal or cultural reasons. Always adhere to Daraz’s guidelines when listing products.

What is the Daraz Commission?

Opening a shop on Daraz is free, but the platform deducts a small commission from the payment of your orders. The commission percentage varies depending on the category of the product you are selling. Be sure to check Daraz’s commission rates for each category.

What Documents You Need to Provide During Signup?

Before signing up, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  1. ID information (National ID Card for individual sellers OR Business Registration Document for corporate sellers).
  2. A bank cheque copy with the same title as your ID/corporate information, as payments from your sales will be sent to this bank account.

Daraz accepts other document types as well; you can refer to their guidelines for further information.

What if Incorrect Information is Submitted During Signup?

If any issues arise with your seller signup form, Daraz’s verification team will guide you by identifying and highlighting the incorrect information. You can then easily resubmit the corrected details to complete the process.

Selling on Daraz provides a fantastic opportunity to tap into Pakistan’s thriving e-commerce market. By following these steps and guidelines, you can start your journey towards earning money through online sales on Daraz.

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