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How to Apply for Google Scholarships in Pakistan?

How to Apply for Google Scholarships in Pakistan?

In a groundbreaking revelation, Google has unveiled an enticing announcement of 44,500 scholarships exclusively designed for ambitious individuals in Pakistan. These Google scholarships serve as an open doorway for the younger generation to acquire highly coveted digital proficiencies. While many remain unaware of the intricate details encompassing these scholarships. They are undeniably accessible to all who participate in the Google Career Certificates (GCC) program, which made its debut last year.

Delving into the course offerings, Google has recently introduced three brand-new courses. Seamlessly integrating them into the extensive GCC program, which already encompasses a vast array of digital skills. The newly added courses, namely Business Intelligence, Advanced Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity. And, have been meticulously developed in collaboration with IRM and TechValley, guaranteeing that learners receive comprehensive training in these high-demand fields. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded certificates recognized by esteemed employers, consequently providing them with a distinct competitive advantage within the job market.

Ready to embark on your journey to securing a Google scholarship in Pakistan? Follow these foolproof methods:

Process for individual learners:

Google has forged partnerships with TechValley and IRM to offer a staggering 44,500 scholarships to Pakistani students in need. To obtain a certificate at no cost, enroll in the Career Certificate Scholarship.

Method 1:

  • Navigate to: https://grow.google/intl/en_pk/certificates/
  • Proceed to select your preferred sign-up method located on the left-hand side of the interface, allowing you to apply for scholarships as an individual learner.
  • Choose your desired Google course and meticulously note down the details.
  • Adhere to the provided instructions on the partner site and dutifully submit your application.
  • Upon approval, you will be able to apply for your desired course and commence your studies promptly.

Method 2:

If you require financial assistance for the Google Career Certificates, you may qualify for aid through Coursera. By following the course page, recipients of financial aid will gain full access to the course content and mandatory assignments, enabling them to obtain the coveted certificate.

  • To apply, simply register on Coursera
  • Select a Google certificate course
  • Navigate to the course page, and click on the “Financial aid available” link adjacent to the “Enroll” button.
  • Embrace the instructions provided and commence your studies with the support of financial aid.

Process for NGOs aiming to contribute scholarships to financially disadvantaged Pakistani students:

With these invaluable insights, you are now equipped with the knowledge to unlock the gateway to Google scholarships in Pakistan. Seize this opportunity to nurture your digital skills and embark on a transformative educational journey. The future awaits!

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