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Google's New AI Feature Help Me Write will draft emails for you

Google’s New AI Feature: “Help Me Write” will draft emails for you

Google has announced a new AI feature called “help me write,”. This feature will soon be available on Gmail and other Google apps. This advanced feature aims to generate email drafts for users. Making it easier for them to write professional, catchy, or funky emails. The feature will be part of Google’s Workspace update and will help users save time and effort.

Using “help me write” is simple. Users need to start typing an email and click the “help me write” option. The tool will generate a draft of the email, which users can edit and finalize. Furthermore, the feature can generate pre-written email templates for everyday activities. Including sending a job application, writing a motivation letter, or requesting a refund.

The new advanced feature will help users save time by generating email drafts for them without errors. It will also improve their writing skills by providing suggestions and feedback. Additionally, it will help users write professional emails and stay organized by keeping track of their email templates.

To use the feature effectively, users need to be specific and provide as much information as possible. They can also give feedback to the AI to help it improve. This tool will aid employees in writing emails more efficiently, thereby increasing their productivity.

At the Google I/O event, Sundar Pichai presented a demo of how the tool will work in Gmail. Users can select the tone and mood of their content through prompts. Such as formalizing, elaborating, correcting, and shortening. The feature is anticipated to roll out on other apps in the near future. But for now, only Gmail and Docs will have the “help me write” option.

As the number of active users for “help me write” continues to climb towards 1.8 billion. It is poised to revolutionize communication within the corporate sector. It is an update of the “Smart Reply Tool” launched in 2017. The tool made it easy for users to generate short responses with just a few clicks. The new feature takes a realistic approach and is undoubtedly a blessing for those struggling to create compelling emails.

In conclusion, “help me write” is a game-changer for anyone who writes emails in bulk. It will save time, improve writing skills, and keep users organized. With this new AI feature, users can write professional, catchy, or funky emails with ease.

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