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How to use Google's AI chatbot Bard in Pakistan

Google launches Bard in 180 countries

Google has announced the release of its new AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot, Bard. It will be available in 180 different countries, including Pakistan, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, and Japan. This move is expected to enhance Google’s core products. These core products are the Google search engine, online and shared work tools and Gmail. Google has emphasized its commitment to implementing AI in all products ethically and responsibly.

While generative AI has a huge potential to bring benefits. But, there are concerns about its misuse. For example deep-fake videos, the spread of disinformation through voice clones, and convincing written messages. Experts have urged caution and a pause in the development of powerful AI systems to ensure safety.

Microsoft is also integrating AI technologies such as ChatGPT into its products. This AI technology enhances the Bing search engine and Edge browser capabilities. However, experts have warned about the risks and ethical implications of AI and its potential threats.

Despite the risks, both Google and Microsoft are keen on the integration of generative Artificial Intelligence. They are spotlighting the potential of AI for user experience enhancement, innovation, and industry transformation. But, to ensure the benefits of AI to society, it is necessary to develop responsible and ethical AI technologies. AI technologies according to ethical guidelines will better tackle all future challenges.

In conclusion, the launch of Google’s new AI chatbot, Bard, is exciting news. But it is essential to address concerns and risks associated with AI’s development. The responsible use of AI is crucial to ensure that it benefits society in a safe and ethical manner.

How to use Google’s AI chatbot Bard in Pakistan?

Pakistanis can now access Google’s newly launched AI chatbot, Bard. This AI chatbot is to facilitate a variety of tasks and inquiries. Bard’s arrival in Pakistan is part of Google’s worldwide expansion. This expansion includes 180 different countries and pits it against other AI chatbots such as ChatGPT.

  • To interact with Bard, Pakistani users should go to the Google Bard AI website and choose their preferred language.
  • They can then type in their questions or statements in the chat interface, and Bard’s generative AI algorithms will analyze and reply in a conversational style.
  • Bard offers many AI-powered features that can enhance user experience, and users are urged to offer feedback to help Google improve Bard’s performance and refine its abilities.

With the launch of Bard in Pakistan, users can now take advantage of generative AI chatbots to simplify their daily activities and obtain information more quickly. This revolutionary technology has the potential to change the way people engage with technology and improve their digital experiences.

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