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Careem Launches Bikes and Scooters Network in Madinah

Careem Launches Bikes and Scooters Network in Madinah

In an exciting revelation at the Saudi Tourism Forum 2024, Careem, the renowned app, introduced its groundbreaking “Madinah Tours” service. This innovative initiative, developed in collaboration with the Madinah Development Authority, signals Careem’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing travel experiences while supporting the local tourism landscape.

Tailored for explorers, the “Madinah Tour” beckons you to delve into the rich tapestry of history, encompassing 12 iconic religious and historical sites within Madinah. Imagine traversing the hallowed grounds of Masjid Nabawi and standing at the historic Battle of Uhud site, all made possible through this meticulously curated tour.

Wael Ibrahim, the adept General Manager of Careem Rides KSA, Egypt & Bahrain, voiced his enthusiasm for this collaboration, underscoring Careem’s relentless pursuit of innovation in tandem with its dedication to fortifying Saudi Vision 2030’s tourism objectives.

Seamlessly accessible via the Careem app, the “Madinah Tour” extends two enticing options. Opt for a succinct two-hour exploration, covering five historical gems, or delve deeper with the comprehensive five-hour tour, encapsulating the allure of all 12 sites.

This strategic alliance with the Madinah Development Authority isn’t merely about enhancing visitor experiences; it’s a catalyst for economic stimulation and local empowerment. The “Madinah Tour” aligns seamlessly with Saudi Vision 2030, presenting not just a journey through history but a step towards a vibrant future.

Embark on a transformative odyssey, unlocking the secrets of Madinah with Careem’s “Madinah Tour.” Your adventure awaits!

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