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Best cities to visit in Pakistan

Best cities to visit in Pakistan

Pakistan, which is home to a broad array of physical and cultural features, has a wide variety of landscapes, particularly in its rural and urban settings. It might be difficult to decide which of this gorgeous country’s numerous attractions to visit first, given that it is home to such bustling cities as Islamabad and Lahore, as well as scenic valleys in the north. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s have a look at some suggestions for Pakistan’s most beautiful cities.


Clothing, crafts, equipment, and other products from all across Pakistan, as well as many other items, can be found in the most beautiful city in Pakistan. In Karachi, you should check out the PAF Museum, Jinnah Mausoleum, Port Grand, Mohatta Palace, Jinnah House, and the Zainab Market.


Multan is referred to as the “City of Saints” due to the many Sufi saint mausoleums that are scattered across the city. It is renowned for its unique architecture, Sufi music, gardens, and historical buildings.


Undeniably, Lahore City is a work of art, having numerous tourist attractions in the old city such as eating places, shops, and historical structures. There are many eating places in Lahore, but you can try all of the city’s best cuisines at one time at the renowned Food Street on MM Alam Road.


Islamabad boasts a variety of cultural backgrounds and the population lends the city a more Western vibe in terms of tolerance, secularism, liberalism, etc. Similar to the culture, Islamabad’s cuisine is a fusion of several flavors. When it comes to natural scenery, Daman-e-Koh and Margalla Hills are excellent options for stunning city views.


Rawalpindi is a significant industrial, economic, and administrative hub. It offers several excellent hotels, eateries, shopping markets, museums, and parks.


One of the jewels of the subcontinent is Taxila, or Takshashila, which was once a significant metropolis in the Gandharan dynasty.


This city attracts visitors because of its historical buildings, street markets, and cuisine. Charsi Tikka and Pukht dishes are a must-try in Peshawar. For shoppers, the historic Qissa Khwani Bazaar is highly recommended.


In addition to being Pakistan’s most picturesque city, Swat is also well-liked hiking, bird-watching, and outdoor enthusiast destination. Swat is famous for its fish, which is known there as “Swati Mayan.” 


Pir Chinasi and the Red Fort are only two of the numerous well-known features that make it worthwhile to visit.


Skardu is home to majestic mountains, clear lakes, turquoise waterways, and kind people. If you like hiking, you can’t help but go across glaciers to the basecamps of some of the tallest mountains in the world, such as K2.


There is a lot of what seems like orchards, a river, glaciers, rope bridges, and meadows bordered by craggy mountains covered in snow.


It is highly recommended to visit because of its numerous well-known sights, such as Altit Fort, Hunza Valley, and Eagles Nest.


Known for its stunning valleys and vistas, people who wish to enjoy distinctive music, culture, and delectable food should visit Chitral. Surprisingly, the Chitral region alone is home to speakers of almost 14 different languages.


Dunes, snowy mountains, snow-capped rivers, and breathtaking vistas come to mind while talking about Gwadar. Enjoy the amazing views of the stunning oceans of the Arabian Sea as you gaze out over the Gwadar Port. The fabled Hammerhead, a large rock structure created by an eruption of a mud volcano, will definitely give you a breathtaking experience.

If you have questions about the best cities to visit in Pakistan then ask in below comments section. Locals will answer all your questions about the best cities to visit in Pakistan.

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