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Australia study visa process step by step

Australia study visa process step by step

Australia champions 8 of the 100 educational institutes in the world. It is no wonder that students all around the globe opt for world-class education provided by the land of Kangaroos. With post-study work and versatile kinds of opportunities, Australia has a lot to offer. So, how to apply for an Australian Student Visa? Here is a step by step guide to applying for an Australian student visa.

Australia study visa process step by step:

Step 1: Apply for Admission to an Australian College of your preference:

Choose a college that is relevant to your study domain. Consider tuition fees, location, and course duration when applying for your college. Fill out the admission form attach academic documents with your paper. It is vital to submit the evidence of your English Language test results; hence, attach an IELTS or PTE Certificate. Other articles include: Passport, Statement of Purpose, Marriage Certificate (if married), Gap year–if any and justify it, and any other work experience letter including salary sheet, etc.

Step 2: Attach a GTE–Financial Support

If you receive an offer letter, you need to provide evidence of Financial support in a form. The evidence should consist of sufficient funds to cover travel, tuition fee, and living costs. Mention dependents–if any–and how you will cover their living costs. It is essential to create a GTE that covers all the critical points. It will make or break your application.

Step 3: Tuition Fee

After approval of step 2, pay your tuition fees for six months (or as required by the university), OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), and if applicable: ELICOS. Once the funds are approved, the university will email your enrollment confirmation. This letter will enable you to apply for an Australian student visa.

Step 4: Medical Examination

Attach medication examination documents and get them approved by the Immigration of Australia.

Step 5 Visa Lodgement

Prepare a visa file and lodge your visa application through the online portal of the Australian Embassy. After preparing your visa file, you lodge your Australia student visa application online by creating an immi account on the immigration website. Link the necessary documents as mentioned in the form. After completion of the paper, pay for visa application charges and apply.

And then? Just wait for your visa application to be processed. Once it’s done, you can book a ticket, pack your bags and fly to Australia to live out your academic dreams!

If you have questions about the Australia study visa process then ask in the comments.

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