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All about Northern Pakistan Tourism

Is Babusar Top Road open nowadays?

Babusar Pass will open again at the end of May or the start of June. It always remains closed from November till May each year due to snow! But if you want to travel in winter then you can travel via Besham.

Is Malam Jabba open nowadays? (Northern Pakistan Tourism)

Yes. Malam Jabba is open, and all roads are clear. You can travel without any hesitation.

What are the major attractions of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan?

The following is the complete chart of the major tourist attractions of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan.

Which is the best time of the year to see Ganga Choti, Leepa Valley, and Toli Peer areas in Azad Kashmir? Can someone also please suggest a 5 days trip with the best possible places for night stays and accessible sightseeing spots in the area?

Now start of the May is the best time to visit Ganga Choti, Leepa Valley, and Toli Peer areas in Azad Kashmir.

What is the current weather situation in Neelum Valley? Can we visit it in May?

The weather condition in Neelum Valley is good so you can visit it in May.

How can we visit Concordia (K2 Base Camp) on our own without guides and porters and with a tight budget? Please someone give an expert opinion.

It is not possible to visit K2 Base Camp solo and also it is not recommended. To visit K2 Base Camp, first, you need permission. In order to get permission, you need the services of a licensed tour company. This licensed tour company applies for NOC by attaching its guide license.
You must know that it’s more than seven days going and seven days coming back hike from Askolay. So you can’t pick up all the eating and sleeping material on your shoulders. (Northern Pakistan Tourism) Especially you need a local guide too for keeping you on the right path. Otherwise, you can divert anywhere and lost forever.

Which valley is convenient to visit in Pakistan in the summer? Naran valley or Sawat valley?

Naran Valley is currently closed due to bad road conditions but you can easily visit Swat Valley in the current situation. Naran Valley will be a good option for a summer trip in Mid May.

Shogran road is now carpeted or not? There was a plan in the past to carpet it. What is the condition now?

Half the road is carpeted and half not. You can travel on this road on a bike or car. Or you need to take a Jeep from Paras to Sharan.

Is the NOC permit required for foreign tourists to visit the Kumrat Valley?

No, NOC is not required to visit the Kumrat Valley.

How is the weather in Kumrat Valley? Can we visit Kumrat Valley in May?

Currently, all points in Kumrat Valley are closed due to the weather. So, better to visit Kashmir nowadays.

How long does it take from Upper Domail to reach Chitta Katta Lake? (Distance and time)
Is it possible to start early from Upper Domail and return back on the same day?

Upper Domail to Dock 1 (4 hours)
Dock 1 to Chita Katha (5 hours)

I’m planning a trip to Kashmir in 1st week of May. Can someone tell me how is the weather in Kashmir nowadays?

It’s absolutely fine to visit Kashmir in May. You can visit Kashmir without any kind of hesitation.

I am planning to visit Soon Valley with my family in 1st week of May in my own Car and plan to return back on the same day in Lahore.
My plan is:
Kenhatti garden
Khabbekki lake
Uchali lake
Is there any other place we can visit that is nearby on the same day?
Are roads okay in these mentioned places?
Any best route?
Any suggestions and precautionary measures will be much appreciated.

All places are mentioned in this article:

Is InDrive, Bykea, Uber, and Careem available in Murree?

No, these services are not available in Murree or its surrounding areas, you may be totally dependent on the local taxi system.

Which one is more beautiful Naran or Swat?

Both have their own natural beauty but Naran and Kaghan have no comparison with Swat.

Can someone give suggestions of the best places to visit on a honeymoon tour in Pakistan?

Skardu and Swat are the best places to visit on a honeymoon tour in Pakistan.

What are the famous tourist spots of Neelum Valley?

These are the famous tourist spots of Neelum Valley:

I’m going on a trip to Khunjrab Pass, Hunza, and Fairy Meadows in May.
Please confirm the condition of the internet speed at the hotel’s site at Khunjrab Pass, Hunza, and Fairy Meadows.

Internet services will not be good at these places so the best option is to buy a Scom sim card and use its internet. It’s also not good but better than the DSL.

Can we visit Skardu in our own car? Can you also suggest easily accessible tourist points?

You can visit the whole of Skardu in your own car except Deosai and Bashoo Valley.
Lower Kachura Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Cold Desert, Shigar Valley, Manthoka Waterfall, and Khaplu are famous tourist destinations that you can visit by any car.

Can we go to Shigar Fort from Skardu in our own car?

Yes, you can easily go to Shigar Fort from Skardu in our own car.

Is there any airline that operates from Lahore to Gilgit?

Currently, only PIA is operating from Islamabad to Gilgit/Skardu.

Which are the best places to visit in Northern Pakistan in July?

The best places to visit in the North in July are Gilgit, Hunza, Naltar, Gojal, Hoper, Astore, Skardu, and Fairy Meadows.

Can someone suggest good hotels in Hunza preferably in Karimabad/Aliabad?

Hunza Blossom Inn
Hunza Bliss Hotel
Elite Residency
Hunzai Hidden Palace
Hunza Elites
Baigs Paradise Guest House
Kepal Inn Hotel and Restaurant Hoper Nagar vellay
Qayam Hunza
Signature Hunza
Arcadian Inn Hunza
Airy Garden Hotel Ali Abad

If you have any questions about Northern Pakistan Tourism then feel free to ask in the comments section.

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