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25 things to know before visiting Pakistan

25 things to know before visiting Pakistan

Do you intend to travel to the most beautiful locations on earth? Those of you who seem to be interested in travel will be curious to learn about Pakistan, a nation with stunning sights and stirring music. No doubt, Pakistan is a safe destination for travelers of any gender, whether they are male or female. It is possible to move around freely and take in Pakistan’s spectacular beauty without feeling threatened. Instead, Pakistan cordially invites visitors from abroad to come and take in the splendor of its laudable and calming natural beauty.

Both locals and visitors from abroad are assured of security by the government. Not only the government but also the kind and modest locals are very welcoming and take great pride in having visitors who come to calm themselves by admiring the natural beauty of their areas.

However, there are some security rules you must follow while traveling to any country for your own safety, just like you follow the rules while visiting Germany, Italy, the United States, etc. If you travel responsibly and adhere to these basic safety guidelines, you will have an enjoyable experience that you won’t soon forget. Below you can read the all important things to know before visiting Pakistan.

Essential things to know before visiting Pakistan: Your ultimate travel guide!

  • Speak with locals and knowledgeable foreigners to get information about Pakistan tourism. Or, use the comments section of our website to get all the information about Pakistan Tourism. This forum is a gold mine for a gold mine of knowledge regarding Pakistan tourism and connections.
  • Make sure you’re staying in reputable hotels by reading the reviews on Google and booking.com. or, stay in hotels recommended by YouTubers.
  • Make use of licensed taxi services such as Uber, Careem, InDriver, etc., and licensed bus services such as Daewoo, Faisal Movers, and NATCO. You may also make use of bus services and rikshaws by inquiring with any local, purchasing tickets from a rickshaw stand, hiring a higher-certified tour guide, or contacting firms.
  • Always keep some cash with you as Pakistan is a cash-based country.
  • You can find banks, ATMs, EasyPaisa cash points, Jazz Cash points, and currency exchange outlets (Western Union, MoneyGram, and many more) in almost all cities and villages of Pakistan. So, don’t get or exchange money from any nonregistered person or outlet.
  • Eat at good restaurants where the locals are able to communicate in English.
  • Visit the ancient city bazaars with a local guide or with friends.
  • Do not trust strangers or accept offers unless you are happy. People are kind and will give you free rides, but if you are traveling alone, you should not hitchhike.
  • You may go to all of the locations if you make plans in advance or if you hire a local guide or tour company.
  • Maintain an appropriate appearance, especially for female tourists who should wear appropriate dress. Local women also dress modestly and have a scarf in their purses while visiting a mosque. So, female tourists can keep a scarf in their purses.
  • If you are a men tourist then don’t handshake with local females and if you are a female tourist then don’t handshake with male tourists. Simply say Assalamu Alaikum instead of shaking hands.
  • Don’t try to enter or film restricted areas as you don’t do in your own country.
  • Keep your passport always with you and also good to keep a set or two of photocopies of your passport and visa.
  • Don’t go out late at night as locals also follow this rule.
  • Get the SIM card from the Service Centers of sim provider companies, not from local retailers. You require to show a passport and visa in order to get a sim card. Don’t feel offended by this thing because it’s almost the same rule that we follow in other countries to get a sim card as a tourist.
  • Don’t forget to bargain while shopping as locals love to bargain.
  • Don’t say ‘Yaar’ to everyone like Youtubers, especially to females. It’s a word that only close friends can use for each other. Instead of ‘Yaar’ call a person’s name or say, brother or sister.
  • In Pakistan, Squatting Pan toilets are widely used compared to Western Water Closets or Commodes. And, people use water instead of tissues to clean their butts. So, keep a tissue roll in your bag if you don’t like to use water.
  • Enjoy your trip and if you run into any problems, do not hesitate to call at 15 for help.
  • Don’t record videos or take pictures of local girls or women without permission.
  • Do not enter mosques with shoes. And, women must cover their heads before entering the mosque. Dance or vulgar types of photoshoots are not allowed in mosques because these are holy places.
  • Do not give original documents to unnecessary people for photocopies. Instead, keep photocopies with you.
  • In local transportation, there may be designated areas for women’s use. Additionally, in some places such as banks and offices, there may be separate lines or counters for female customers. These are intended to provide priority and respect for females. Feel free to use them if they are available.
  • Couples can engage in activities such as talking, laughing, cracking jokes, eating together, taking pictures together, and enjoying their time together. However, it is important to note that public displays of affection, such as inappropriate hugging and kissing, are not allowed in open areas, even for the sake of pictures. Please respect the local customs and traditions.
  • Please note that the consumption of alcohol is illegal in the country. Do not request this from anyone, regardless of their religious or cultural background. Instead, focus on experiencing the local customs and traditions, food, hospitality, and natural beauty the country has to offer.

Even though visitors are always welcome in Pakistani households, the ladies often avoid the guest area while the males are there. Female travelers are capable of bridging this cultural divide. Women are encouraged to engage with both men and women and are seen as safe doing so. Overall, Pakistan is generally a secure place to go so plan your trip now.

If you have more questions about essential things to know before visiting Pakistan then ask in the comments section. Locals will help you and tell you all the things to know before visiting Pakistan.

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