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10 reasons to visit Pakistan?

10 reasons to visit Pakistan?

Pakistan is among the world’s most attractive countries. It has a wide range of intriguing cultures that are derived from a large diversity of ethnic groups, a variety of cuisines, and beautiful mythology. These cultures are surrounded by steep mountainous borders, desert sands, and congested cities. Its splendor and variety don’t stop here. Let’s look at the main motivations for traveling to Pakistan or you can say 10 reasons to visit Pakistan.

Awe-inspiring mountain scenery

Unimaginably beautiful mountain scenery may be found in Pakistan, one of the loveliest countries on the planet. Moving to the north along the unforgettably beautiful Karakoram Highway, perhaps the world’s best road trip, to the breathtaking peaks. The Hunza Valley is the most spectacular natural site on earth and awaits travelers to complete their gorgeous, thrilling, and culturally fascinating tour.

Pakistan’s hospitality

To be hospitable is deeply ingrained in Pakistani society; there is no such thing as a formal invitation; you are just welcomed. There are several astounding instances of the villagers’ friendliness and helpfulness, which are reported by almost all visitors.

Meeting the last remaining pagan population

The Kalash people are a matriarchally-led tribe that lives in the Kalasha Valleys of Chitral in northern Pakistan. They believe that they are descended from Alexander the Great and live in the shadow of the Hindu Kush mountains. Visitors come to witness their Chilam Joshi Festival, which spans three valleys each year at the end of May.

Historic and beautiful Pakistani architecture

Pakistan has served as the home to several dynasties for hundreds of years, bringing in some genuinely remarkable architectural masterpieces dispersed over its borders. This vast country offers exquisite architecture, from sumptuous red sandstone-clad buildings constructed by the Mughal Empire to centuries-old buildings discovered inside the rural depths of Sindh.

Upscale Pakistani food

Nothing short of delicious meals can be found in Pakistan. They have everything, including beef, chicken, mutton, and seafood. There is still a plethora of daal, channa, and sabzi curry options available if you’re a vegetarian.

Affordable Travel

Pakistan is quite inexpensive when compared to other countries. You can get everything at reasonable prices, from lodging to local cuisine to transportation. 

Simple Language

In the metropolitan and other tourist regions of Pakistan, English is widely spoken and understood. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the language barrier here. Speaking English makes it simple to communicate with others.

Pakistani Cultural Diversity

Each of Pakistan’s five provinces has its own culture, tradition, art form, accent, and cuisine. Everything changes collectively, including the way of life, culture, traditions, and the flavor of food in every province. People are drawn to Pakistan because of its distinct culture. Studying Pakistan’s many cultures is one of the country’s many attractions.

Ancient temples, magnificent mosques, and shrines

Another reason to visit Pakistan is the numerous shrines, historic temples, and magnificent mosques that can be found throughout the country. The Mughals, who ruled the Indian subcontinent, commissioned the greatest painters to create the magnificent mosques of the era. 

Local marketplaces

There is still a strong sense of celebration in the small bazaars of every city in Pakistan if you visit them at night. The local market’s greatest feature is its wide range of reasonably priced goods.

If you have questions about 10 reasons to visit Pakistan then ask in the below comments section and get help from locals.

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