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10 best winter holiday destinations in Pakistan

10 best winter holiday destinations in Pakistan

The significant proportion of Pakistan’s hilly terrain transforms into a snowy paradise in December. Everyone is usually mesmerized by the appealing vistas of these snow-covered terrains around the country. Check out our list of the greatest locations to witness snowfall in Pakistan if you want to take full advantage of the winter season and partake in a variety of exciting sports like skiing and snowboarding, among many others.

Murree/Nathia Gali:

Murree, a very well-liked hill station among tourists, is one of Pakistan’s top locations to take in snowfall. Conveniently located at the base of the Himalayas, it is one of Pakistan’s most popular winter getaways when the snow starts to fall. It is one of Pakistan’s most easily accessible hill stations, being just 70 kilometers from Islamabad. Nathia Gali is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but next to Murree. It’s a very popular destination to visit in Winter but always check weather conditions before planning a trip to Nathia Gali.

Malam Jabba:

One of Pakistan’s most picturesque hill towns, Malam Jabba, peacefully lies amid the Hindu Kush Mountain range. It is also among the most well-known ski areas across the country. Malam Jabba’s snowy season begins at the end of November and occasionally lasts into the first few days of March.

Kalash Valley:

The Kalash area is made up of three isolated valleys named Bumburet, Birir, and Rumbur. It is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking vistas of snow-covered mountains. The distance between Chitral and these valleys is 20 miles. The people who live there are called Kalashas, and they are known for being friendly and having a rich culture.

Kaghan Valley:

This snow-covered hill resort, which is part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, borders Gilgit-Baltistan to the north and Azad Jammu and Kashmir to the southeast. Additionally, Kaghan Valley Falls is close to New Balakot City, an emerging tourist destination in the area.


It is among Pakistan’s most picturesque towns, drawing tens of thousands of travelers, hikers, photographers, and nature lovers each year. It serves as the starting point for trips to picturesque locations, including Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Purbi Valley, and LalazarBabusar.


Skardu is a town and the administrative center of the Skardu District in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is situated at the intersection of the Indus river and the Shigar river, at a height of 8200 feet. The hamlet is encircled by mountains with of a grey-brown color that conceals the Karakoram range’s 8,000-meter peaks.

Leepa Valley:

The most endearing and beautiful valley in Azad Kashmir provides an endless variety of breathtaking scenery, an eternal recollection of sounds, and beauty. There are tall mountains covered with pine trees there. The Leepa valley is completely coated in snow during the winter.

Pir Chinasi:

Both in the summer and the winter, Pir Chinasi serves as the city of Muzaffarabad’s top tourist destination. It is admired by lovers of nature for its stunning landscape, velour green plateaus, and great temperature.

Arang Kel:

Arang Kel is a beautiful village in Azad Kashmir’s Neelum Valley. Neelum Valley, it’s one of the most attractive spots to go. You must visit if you really appreciate seeing snowfall. It’s important to keep in mind that the weather in Kel can be quite harsh, so it’s essential to dress warmly and be prepared for cold temperatures. It’s also recommended to check the weather forecast before heading out to enjoy the snow, to ensure that conditions are safe.


The winter season, which typically lasts from November to March, covers the valley of Ziarat in Balochistan with snow. Because of the prolonged snowfall season, Ziarat is one of the greatest spots in Pakistan to witness snowfall.

If you have questions about the 10 best winter holiday destinations in Pakistan then ask in the comments section. Locals will answer all your questions about the 10 best winter holiday destinations in Pakistan.

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