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10 Best Pakistani Tech YouTubers

10 Best Pakistani Tech YouTubers

The tech industry in Pakistan has been rapidly growing, and with it, a new breed of talented and knowledgeable YouTubers has emerged. These tech enthusiasts are not only entertaining but also provide valuable insights into the latest gadgets, tech reviews, tutorials, and more.

In this article, we present the 10 best Pakistani Tech YouTubers who have gained popularity and recognition in the country’s tech community.

1. Asad Ali TV: (2.31M Subscribers)

Asad Ali TV is undoubtedly the leading tech source in Pakistan. Recognized as the “YouTuber of the Year” by Payoneer, Asad Ali provides entertaining videos on tech reviews, unboxing, and gadget reviews. Join the largest community of tech enthusiasts in the country by subscribing to his channel.

2. VideoWaliSarkar: (2.24M Subscribers)

VideoWaliSarkar, a tech-savvy YouTuber, focuses on creating informative videos and tutorials on various tech topics. Whether you need guidance on software, apps, or gadgets, VideoWaliSarkar has got you covered.

3. My Technical Solution: (1.13M Subscribers)

My Technical Solution is a global tech hub that offers top-notch online money-making tips for people worldwide. They provide valuable insights into various technologies and offer guidance on how to leverage them to generate income.

4. AJ Electric: (920K Subscribers)

AJ Electric specializes in engineering and technology-related content, including tech reviews, unboxing videos, and tutorials on electric and electronic circuits. The channel’s creator, a teacher by profession, aims to spread knowledge about advanced and easy-to-understand technologies worldwide.

5. Multi World Knowledge: (761K Subscribers)

Multi World Knowledge is a YouTube channel that focuses on the latest technologies related to electric power, free energy, solar projects, and more. With HD-quality videos, they provide informative content for tech enthusiasts.

6. Mr Engineer: (757K Subscribers)

Mr Engineer, run by Azeem Mehmood, aims to make people’s lives easier and their electronic tasks more affordable. With tips, tricks, and knowledge sharing, Mr Engineer’s channel is a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts.

7. Earning And Learning: (655K Subscribers)

Earning And Learning is a channel that teaches viewers how to earn and learn in life. By providing valuable insights and tips, this channel helps individuals explore various avenues for personal and professional growth.

8. How to Urdu: (653K Subscribers)

How to Urdu, founded by Asim, offers tutorials and tips on basic computer skills, internet usage, and Android tips and tricks. With tutorials in Urdu, this channel makes tech learning accessible to Urdu-speaking audiences.

9. Fully4world: (652K Subscribers)

Fully4world is a comprehensive platform that provides AC and refrigerator error codes, wiring diagrams, troubleshooting tips, and repair guides. They also cover topics like PCB kit repairing and troubleshooting in Urdu and Hindi.

10. Fahed Zaman: (647K Subscribers)

Fahed Zaman’s channel offers a wide range of useful digital tips and resources. From software recommendations to app reviews and gadget insights, Fahed Zaman has become a trusted source for tech enthusiasts.

These 10 Pakistani Tech YouTubers have made significant contributions to the tech community in Pakistan. By providing valuable information, tutorials, and reviews, they have gained recognition and a loyal following. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a DIYer, or someone looking to enhance your digital skills, subscribing to these channels will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience. Stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends and insights by following these talented content creators.

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